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Artist: Kool Rock Jay f/ Seagram
Album:  Street Life EP
Song:   Break Yourself
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Kool Rock Jay ]
Freeze - nobody move and no trippin
And no slippin, and all I want is the grip'n
And don't touch the button by the desk
Cause it ain't shit to get six to the chest
Yeah, triggers and real niggas ain't healthy
Especially when a motherfucker tryina get wealthy
Shut up, close your mouth and keep stackin
Bitch, because you know the Rock's all about jackin
You got a nice car, I got a bucket
I seen a chance to get paid and said fuck it
Now with a gun and a mask and a strong mind
I can't slip, because I'm lookin at a long time
5 to 10 really ain't fly, see
Cause I'm a motherfucker tryina get by, G
So if you know what I know you better give up the dough
And hit the motherfuckin flo'
Break yourself

[ VERSE 2: Kool Rock Jay ]
I'm not in a gang cause my click's much bigger
Some down-ass bitches and some hard-ass niggas
Ready to spray some motherfuckin AK
In the place of an enemy's face
See, I usually don't speak about violence
But I noticed that a gun causes much silence
I'm fo' deep in a Chev' huntin for a motherfucker
Who tried to play the Rock for a sucker
Well, well, well, now who's slippin
Stop the car, Troy, and gimme the clip'n
Park the motherfuckin car right here
He's ridin with a bitch, but I really don't care
I creeped on his motherfuckin ride like a ninja
Shot him 20 times but the hoe I didn't injure
Because I'm good with these hands and also with them guns
That's why them fools get done
You better break yourself

[ VERSE 3: Seagram ]
It's the S-e-a-g with the Mr. Slow Flow
Come to the O and see a comeback drug row
And my Magnum still bustin like a cannon
Steady sendin suckers and busters to C.P. Bannon
That's a funeral home for those who don't roam in the O
That's my home, serial murder it runs through my hormone, fool
Face the time warp
My pentagram is in need for a new corpse
I cop ki's, stack g's by the bundles
Bred in the Ville, but my roots lie in the Jungles
I'm a soldier, I told ya of ancient pharaohs
Loced up, here's a close-up of my barrel, nigga
And don't call my rap pop
Cause to me that's the sound comin from my fuckin Glock
Not one pop, fool, but 16
Or 30 if I'm steppin with a AR-15
S.N.V.'s the team, murder scenes leave you horrified
Bodies found in creeks, all the legs decapitized
When I come I'm comin for a nigga's health
Fizzool, brizzeak yourself

[ VERSE 4: Kool Rock Jay ]
Now gimme a gun and body bags are zipped up
Suckers who be frontin on the Rock get ripped up
Cause Kool Rock Jay ain't the one to play with
So when I'm on the mic you punks don't say shit
Now all you gotta do is just dance a while'n
Peep my stylin as I go wildin
Grease a Mac-10 and slip it in a duffle bag
I don't lag, I got a 30 shot mag
It's a Black Thing, Tales From the Dope Side
Jay and the Boys got these perpetrators horrified
Now you wanna rap and get into my business
The game is hard, black, can I get a witness?
Every turn I take there's a snake in the grass, see
Tryin to make me sign on the line but I'ma pass, G
Cause I want the cash and the money, the fame and the wealth
So you perpetratin suckers better break yourself