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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures in Emceein
Song:   All Right
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Gather round, I want to tell y'all a story
See if you can get the meaning
We gonna go real far (all right)
Watch this (God, you alright)

I'm steppin' in this place like it's all right
I got my partners with me, yep we feelin' all right
I got my woman with me, yup she lookin' all right
When it's time to move I'm never left, I'm all right

Well, I met my man "What up Duke?" - "I'm all right"
He said "Listen to this", I said "All right"
He said "This strictly confidential", I said "All right"
He said "Yo, you like this spot?" I said "It's all right"
"You wanna change it?", I said "All right"
"I got a way that we can purchase it in 30 days" - "All right"
"How we gon do that?" He said "All right"
He put a stack of hundreds on the table right there, I said "All right"

30 days later we all right
Limousines, elevators, yo things are lookin' all right
All night everybody feelin' all right
I told my man "I gotta go", he said "All right"
"Let me take your Jeep", he said "All right"
But just as I started the car it got all bright
I started liftin' up, felt my spirit driftin' up
What's goin' on? The Jeep is gone and everything's all white
I heard people sayin' "Is he all right?"
Floatin' above my body I felt all right
How can I tell 'em, really tell 'em, that I'm all right?
Standin' outside my cerebellum I'm all right
The fourth dimension is all right
The fifth dimension is sure right
The sixth dimension is all light
Livin' as a spirit is all right
But then I didn't feel all right

I felt the shock in my chest, it wasn't all right
They revivin' me - all right
I heard a paramedic say to someone "Yep, he gonna be all right"
I'm back alive, people askin' "Are you all right?"
"The Jeep exploded. It's a miracle you all right"
Layin' there on my back, strapped up all night
I smirked and said to myself "God, you all right"
"Ha, you all right"
"Yes, God, you all right"