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Artist: KRS-One f/ S-Five
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   Don't Give It Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Time for some action Neo
Hip-Hop it defines my people
My rhyme crime mind is still kinda lethal
Kris, but I rhyme to teach you this (don't give it up)
Look, whatever you have, don't give it up
Watch whatever comes in your path, but don't give it up
It's KRS a-gain, Knowledge Reigns Supreme a-gain
No I do not play them games, I take away your pain
Listen to this teacher mayne, get'cho peace up aim
Get up and repeat the same, don't give it up
(Don't give it up) That's right, don't give it up
Life is like a likkle cup, pick it up and sip it up
Information to them D's, don't give it up
Banks closin in on your deed, don't give it up
Young girls down on they knees, you gotta pick it up
Bring some more respect to yourself, yo don't give it up

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
(Don't give it up) Your vision (don't give it up)
(Just don't give it up) Your goals (don't give it up)
(Don't give it up) Your future (don't give it up)
(Just don't give it up) Your peace (don't give it up)

You better stay close to your guns and don't give 'em up
When them wolves come to your hood, they sayin give it up
Always be prepared for your closest friends to hurt you
Your enemies aren't the only people tryin to merk you
The government tryin to lock my people in the system
and make us give up on our life, but just listen
Look, don't give it up don't give it up aiyyo we almost there
Don't give it up don't give it up cause yo this is the year
And keep a struggle in your mind and don't give it up
Walkin wit'cha head to the ground man so pick it up
They tryin to lock us up, but we ain't givin up
Goin shot for shot with the cops, until my clip is up
Cause I don't give a fuck, I'ma get a bigger truck
Drive to the White House lawn, and light the Bushes up
It's hip-hop, now follow us man
If we sell out, you give up, you diggin me fam? Tell 'em!

[Chorus] w/ minor ad libs

People wanna make it and some feel they must be naked
Others feel they gotta rob and steal and squeal and even take it
It's complicated how I spit it up, don't give it up
Talkin 'bout your vision now your dreams now don't give them up
Shake 'em up, you gonna be right there in a minute but
yo player pray yo cover your mouth they gonna fill it up
So let's get it up and leave the depression
You are the light, take a second now and heed this lesson, listen
(Don't give it up, don't give it up)
(Just don't give it up, don't give it up)
Okay, the lesson is heeded
The doubt, the fears, the disbelief, you really don't need it
Point the gat to the back of what holes you back
Fight for your freedom, your own people, where you gon' leed 'em?
No you can't criticize no one's leadership type
when your own house in space, you ain't leadin it right
I'm a +Public Enemy+ cause I +don't believe in the hype+
You can read what I write or just start bein the light, live it up

[Chorus] w/ minor ad libs - 0.75X

Oh~! C'mon, check it out, sit down and make a plan
Think about what you really want, get what you understand
Never give it up, don't worry 'bout that other man
Perfect what you doin why you doin it, where you doin it and
This is KRS, people sayin he's the best
East to West, talkin 'bout much more than just how people dress
Are you a philosopher? YES
(Fresh!! For 2006, you suckers!!! Ha ha ha ha ha, ahhhh)