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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures in Emceein
Song:   I Got You
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Off beat, what you know about it?
All heat, all street, my dough I be about it
I eat all week, I don't need to shout it
I'm legendary, in many books you can read about it

Well I'm back to let you cats know that
I'm not asleep, I heard your mixtape raps
What, you think I'm weak like one of these old school cats?
You better hear me speak before you get holes in your back

Ain't nothing here sweet except your whole damn pack
Why I gotta return? Cause y'all's so damn wack wack
You never will learn. That's why the teacha's back
Now you gon' feel that real golden age rap

Unfolding the gat
This ain't no place for no amateur block rap
Rappin' about your hammer is cocked back
That means you fuckin' with a six-shooter
And we got big guns that can stop that

All you hear is klug-clack-klug, klug-clack-klug
And you and your man y'all fall backward
Y'all ain't nothin' but actors, bitin' like Dracula
Kris spit spitacular

[Chorus] - 2x
To my block - I got you
From the bottom to the top - I got you
When you need that raw HipHop - I got you
I mean that '94 HipHop - I got you
If you ain't got nowhere to go - I got you
VIP passes to my show - I got you
Come to my crib, let's take it slow - I got you
Never forget, you gotta know that - I got you

You listenin' to the depth of the heat
I'm omni-hood, that means I rep' every street
When I come around cats get up and eat
On the mic I won't let up 'til the end of the beat

I stay tight when I recite and sendin' you heat
Let's compare, what's your agenda this week?
Me? I be chillin' out in sacred buildings with my children
Free as a fly on the ceiling

[Chorus]- 2x