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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   Over 30 (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: KRS-One]
Hold up, school's in session!
Yeah, yeah, hah~! Where my grown folk at?
If you over 20 make some noise
If you over 30 make some noise
Wooo! If you over 40 WILD OUT
Grown folk style! Watch dis

I'm your teacher, welcome to my classroom
Who's he, what's that? Yo you better aact soon
It's the K to the R to the S One
In rap I think it's clear I'm the best one
Yes son! I take you to the old school
I spit "Superrhymes" cause "I am so cool..."
... a duel?
You must be fool, player you know the rules!
I take it to the old school quick
Get Fresh Crew, Doug E. Fresh, "The Adventures of Slick Rick"
It gets so sick, cause I ain't no joke
This song goes out to grown folk like Tone Loc

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Where my people that's over 20 now?
Where my people that's over 30 now?
Where my people that's over 40 now?
Classic, that's what they call us now!

I'm "Smooth" like Big Daddy Kane, no bull
Check out "My Melody," I'm "Paid in Full"
Before "The Chronic" I was Stetsasonic
Old school, true school, oh yes sir I'm it!
1985 bumpin Mantronix
1995 gettin slammed with Onyx
2005 doin shows with comics
2015 we still gon rock shhhh
With dough, 'dro, my flow in the pocket
I'm already 40 (C'MON KRIS STOP IT~!)
Call me when it's time to really hip-hop it
Old school, if you wasn't there don't knock it


Yeah, yo
Old school, a term some people don't want
It's like you're outdated and your sound don't bump
But that's all junk cause I'm in your truck right now
Got your truck bumpin up like WOW!
When it comes to peace I'm the +Leader of the New School+
When it comes to "Real Love," like Mary J. I'm so cool
When it comes to unity, I'm the teacher
"U-N-I-T-Y" like Queen Latifah
Havin fun with the cash we hold
Cause we "Three Feet High and Risin" like De La Soul
Don't say I'm old, my beauty is forever
Like MC Lyte, Shante, Salt-N-Pepa, let's go!