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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures in Emceein'
Song:   The Teacha Returns
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Bam Beatz on this one, let's rock out!
Taking you low...

[Verse one]
This The Teacha, I do this for life
Plus I'm psychic, but I ain't gon tell you who's doing your wife
You ain't raw like the coke in your rhyme recital
you been cut so much, you starting to look suicidal
You trifle, trifling, you need to stop and listen
You need to hear 2Pac when he was locked in prison
Man, for real, I'm expanding
This ain't whiling out, you'll get nicked with two cannons 
Your team's not loyal, you're not harming me son
If I said "Who wanna go on tour?" you'd be an army of one
What's that shit around your mouth man, cum?!
Face the fact, you lost, we got it, we won
You better off trying on some lottery run
then to go against The Teacha, I put the glock to you dunn 
I be rockin' them drums, all you doing is shoutin'
What's your address, 69 Brokeback Mountain?!
It seems my skill you doubtin'
I spit lyrics, I flow like a fountain
Listen, you'll get crushed like a kush going into my blunt
I take it way back, all you do is front!

Yeah... haha, ha...
Yeah, yeah... KRS!

[Verse two]
Spit-tacular, you spit at me, I spit it back at ya
I'm an emcee, not an actor
My lyrics won't trap ya, they'll free ya
But rappers still wanna test The Teacha, let 'em have it!
What you in my face for, in my space for?
This is what you rappers get smacked in your face for
Y'all talk about cutting the bass raw
But you draw the cops, this what you get chased for
I'm forever above your world in whatever you do
Rappers, I will level your crew
When I'm through, they won't even be able to TELL if it's you
I'm an emcee, this tradition goes back to Pebbly Poo
Man, I speak the truth, I'mma show you what God is
I heard your CD; from the start, it was GARBAGE!
Click, click, click, I load the cartridge
look in the palm of my hand man -- THAT'S where your heart is!