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Artist: KRS-One f/ Nas, S-Five
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   The Real Hiphop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Aiyyo man, this is the end
And let me tell you somethin man
My man KRS, when I heard Spit-tacular was comin out
The greatest emcee of all time
I said I couldn't wait, I couldn't believe it
I couldn't wait to witness it
The greatest emcee of all time, KRS
And I'm from Queensbridge, you heard?

Let's go~!
I pray for my people that the light do reach you
Ignorance is lethal, this is why I teach you
Every boy and girl the wolf wanna eat you
But the wolf is part of the same world that deceives you
Once you realize that there is no separation
You'll control the wolf from the center of your creation!
This that new rap language, or slanguage
Somethin to bang with man, we call it Edutainment man!
In 1994 DeSean Burke said it
Do you remember there we laid out the plan?
To overstand hip-hop you gotta overstand hip-hoppers
Afrika Bambaataa, they made this man!
And yeah there were others, undocumented sisters and brothers
that fell to crimes and drugs, it was crazy man!
But the secret to Edutainment
is to take hip-hop beyond entertainment, leave baby land!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It seems we all forgot about that real hip-hop
KRS-One, bringin you that real hip-hop
That real music you've been waitin for to reach your spot
That main ingredient believable to keep this hot

I manifest it from this hip-hop, adolescent
Now add the essence of S, now you got a weapon
Now pay attention if you listenin and you listen close
We're in position to lyrically hit you where it hurts the most
My proposition of philosophy spittin was written
The contradiction of the system's that I can not spit this
I can not budge to be a gimmick, I shoved you with lyrics
then did it consecutive grippin, 'til I figured you'd gain
They like S come, huh? Meet KRS-One
Father of hip-hop, you're sorta like his step-son
The way, I get some, I done been it and had some
Rhymes, out of my mind so haters be vexin
I bless them, with a message like a scripture, paintin a picture
The fame insane, screamin my name
Picture the game changed, from that music that we all adventured
But all is not lost, hip-hop, I won't forget ya


KRS is after you crash the truck
And your jewels get plucked
And your so-called friends begin lyin again
What? When your life is thin
That's when I come in, KRS
Yeah! Big shout out to my man
M-I-C, Track Dons you did it again
Temple of Hiphop, stand up
Let's go to work

[Chorus] - 5/8ths