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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   The Way It's Going Down
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: KRS-One]
Yeah, yeah
Adam Dice, how you get hardcore like this?
You better watch out
They all lookin for you now

K-R-S, O-N-E, comin back for y'all
I do a little more than videos and rap for y'all
I been in many cars, known by almost every star
New rappers, old rappers, this'll rock for any y'all
The edutainment from the pavement, Kris'll flatten y'all
I'm like a fitted to my enemies, I'm cappin y'all
What happened y'all? Them corporations backin y'all
You're so desperate you can't see that they be stabbin y'all
This that realness, come on you can feel this
Whether fresh fruit or tax{?} my raps you can peel this
Them conscious lyrics; hear it, it ain't new to me
I see my influence done flipped the whole industry
Everybody's conscious now and it's great
Ain't nuttin gon' stop us now y'all but the hate
And wait - hate can't stop us either
Cause Knowledge Reigns Supreme, KRS the Teacher

[Chorus 2X: KRS-One]
Da-dee-dee, da-dee, dee-dee-dee-dee-da-dee-day
KRS, son come'll back most every day
You have got to understand that we don't play
Throw your hands up if you like the way it's goin down

Look at this, look at this, LOOK~!
Grown men on the TV still jiggy
Still on the television, holdin up they pinkie
Little children lookin at 'em thinkin that it's pretty
But let me introduce you to that gritty inner city
Where the cops be +Kurupt+ like my man from dogtown
If I unite with +Daz+ we could shut 'em all down
Hip-Hop, East West, North South we lovin it
It's time for new leadership, time for self-government
Put a fist up! Every real club we rip up
I spit raw conscious lyrics to lift Kris up
Never give up, see the real O.G.'s know me
But these young'uns be buggin they think they can hold me
I'm holy! I'm livin a different dimension
I keep the crowd jumpin like hydraulic suspensions
Releasin your tension with every lyric I mention the truth
Eight years, ain't that enough PROOF?!