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Artist: KRS-One f/ S-Five
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   Watch This!
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: KRS-One]
I'd like to thank everyone for comin out to the tour
Enjoyin us all throughout Europe
This is exclusive, we don't stop
This is real hip-hop, watch this now!

Straight from the under, the One is my number - watch this
All these newcomers are basically runners - watch this
Bitches and niggaz and hoes for them others - watch this
I rhyme for mothers fathers sisters and brothers, my name Kris
The difference is realness, versus the fakeness, let's rock
I am an elder that helped to create this, hip-hop
Now that you know this regain your focus, be reminded
Straight from the +Criminal+ to +Spiritual Minded+ realignment
Movin in faster as you hearin the master, keep up
Don't worry 'bout battles, I'm 18 years past ya, speak up
The K to the R to the S to the One, ease up
I'm glowin like lava, hot as the sun, I don't freeze up
I take you backward rap and after that I'm takin the future
I hang with acrobats and breakin cats and whatever suits ya
Graffiti writers, beatboxin, just like we used ya
Deejays cuttin it up with a boomin speaker
Them days had fewer heaters, today we've got fewer teachers
Like America, hip-hop needs some newer leaders
KRS is the candidate
I understand I state, and overstand we great, rock!

Yeah, it's BDP, 2006, Temple of HipHop
Yeah! We the culture, I swear
Listen, turn me up Alex

Constantly fightin Satan, watchin the moves I'm makin
Tryin to stay positive, look at the world we live
It's hard to get a job, that's why my brothers rob
In every hood same story but with different 40's
You either Blood or Crip, you sellin dubs or nicks
You gotta stand wit'cha man or you plug a chick
Now look what you get, quit tryin to play the part
You got caught up in the game now you in the dark
I'm seein people dyin, so many mothers cryin
That brother say he got your back, but that brother lyin
You need to grab a mirror, and look into it quicker
It ain't all about you man this thing is bigger
Cause everything that you do come back double fold
You ain't on the right track, take another road
Brother you gettin old, you've got to make a change
Cause this thing we call life brother it's not a game