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Artist: KRS-One f/ Keith Stewart
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   We Dem Teachas
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: KRS-One]
Civil rights, abolitionist movement
Civil rights movement... anti-war

[Chorus 2X: Keith Stewart]
Comin straight off the block, we dem teachas
Always makin that dough, on the hustle
This is the scholar anthem, throw yo' hands up
If you a soldier, throw yo' hands up

I'll never stop talkin 'bout Malcolm X
And I'll never stop talkin 'bout havin safe sex
I'll never stop shoutin out Marcus Garvey or
Kwame Toure or Robert Marley
I'll never ease up on red, black and green
or teachin what Martin Luther King's dream mean
Self-esteem, self-creation
Make yourself man, you in a wealthy nation!
Forget inflation, you are your own mason
Build yourself, set your foundation
Knowledge Reigns Supreme
That's why when you hear KRS, you know what it means
Stand up~!


Check it; I'll never stop showin the love man
I'll never stop hangin up pictures of Harriet Tubman
I'll always be a learner, like Nat Turner
Spittin out words to take your mind further
Any time you see my face
You seein peace love unity all in this place
When enrollment's down, crime is up
and if you can't hold your ground your time is up
But if you don't know your ground you holdin WHAT?!
Assumptions, when the storm hits you (hits you...)
Straight out of luck, feelin like you crashed your truck
That's when the teacher shows up
Stand up!


C'mon! Where my scholars at? Y'all can holla back
Knowledge and overstanding, we on top of that
We show you right where the commas and them dollars at
We hangin out where them educated mommas at
Follow that, where my educated poppas at?
We in the street too, movin when it's time to act
We dem teachas, tell me where your mind is at
Fear, doubt, no we do not follow that!
There, courage man, we need to bottle that
Cause all these kids nowadays hear a lot of crap
And they feelin like they gotta follow that
That's why the teacher is bringin the scholar back