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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Adventures In Emceein
Song:   What's Your Plan?
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: KRS-One]
We live this
It gets kinda hard sometimes
Tryin to help those who dissin you at the same time
But this the life of the T'cha
And he's still gon' reach ya
This for the hood, rise up y'all

Why y'all keep shittin on me?
On the internet, cats think they spittin on me
But if you read they shit, they be real corny
For my downfall, they get real horny
All I'm tryin to do is educate the young ones
I got some guns, but we ain't no dum-dums, yo come son
Let me show you the way out
Knowledge Reigns Supreme, we never play out, or fade out
This a lifetime thing, you in darkness, heartless
Complainin about the light I bring?
Well stay there then, I guess you ain't my friend
But remember, hip-hop, it ain't gon' end
And there in the future, we gon' see
Who really was the slave, and who was free
Who sold out the culture, to be on TV
Nah, it won't be me

[Chorus: KRS-One]
Rappers wanna stop me pop me drop me lock me lock me top me
but they really up to no good - what's your plan?!
Critics wanna hit me get me clip me rip me strip me trip me
but they really up to no good - what's your plan?!
Players wanna slap me cap me crap me attack me, out rap me
but they really up to no good - what's your plan?!
Others wanna rush me dust me bust me lust me cuss me hush me
but they really up to no good - c'mon, man!

Now some of y'all buggin, cause I am hip-hop
But you are too, you just kyan't get dat
As a man thinketh, so is he
I am hip-hop, and so are we
And so is she, and so is he
I'm the only one teachin, and you wanna diss me
Why? Am I really that important?
Are you so desperate, any life you'll shorten?
Well nah kid - I'ma live on and on
You gonna respect me now, and not when I'm gone
I see how y'all did, JMJ
He paved your way but all you wanna get is your pay
I always be the knowledge giver
Preach you, uneasy, yo take your 30 pieces of silver
and hang yourself, by the end of this verse
But remember, the last shall be first


Kris loves hip-hop, everybody knows that!
We came out of poverty and we ain't goin back
A 60 cent royalty, don't settle for that
Yo do what you gotta but don't remain in the trap
We all cryin out for leadership
But if the leader steps up and you diss him, what we gon' get?
YOU~?! You ain't even got a better plan
You can't even take hip-hop to a better land
You yourself ain't even a better man
Look who follows you - KRS even got better fans
Sure you get grands, and that's all good
But your video shows that you sold your manhood
So are you really eligible to challenge me?
Especially you writers that never made a CD?
Especially you deejays that get shit for free
You can't play Kane or P.E. - what's your plan?!