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Artist: KRS-One f/ Common
Album:  D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
Song:   A Freestyle Song
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"As we procede, to give you what you need..."

Turn up your radios right now, classic!
Hip-Hop culture in full and total effect
MCing, DJing, breaking, graf
Management, philopsophy, you not stoppin me
KRS-One, comin down from heaven
From Hot 97, Lisa Evans
You know what time it is, it's time to sever
KRS-One will never, fail, time to exhibit
Yo whattup kid, we get with it
We come down, you can't forget it (uhh)
My man - Common Sense, yo you intense
You gonna come down in just a little bit
But KRS-One will have to get with, the lyrical skills that we flip
Bronx in the house, OHHHH (uhh) I'm givin what I got to give
It's my prerogative to kick the positive
I'm givin what I got to give - now listen up~!
As I, procede, to cut
my... voice like this it goes, Scott Scott, Scott LaRock
Scott, Scott-Scott, Scott LaRock, Scott Scott LaRock
And Trouble T-Roy, Biggie, Mastadon, Cowboy (UHH)
Scott Scott, Scott LaRock, Scott-Scott, Scott, Scott LaRock
It goes Scott LaRock, and Trouble T-Roy
Biggie, Mastadon, Cowboy
Whiz Kid, Punk and Buffy, Eazy-E
Sugar Shaft, Prince Messiah, Mercury
Pinkhouse, Tupac, Tu-Tu, Tupac
Tu..Tu-Tupac, Tu-Tu, Tupac, Scott LaRock
And Trouble T-Roy, Biggie, Bi-Bi-Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
Mastadon, Cowboy, Whiz Kid, Punk and Buffy, Eazy-E
Sugar Shaft, Prince Messiah, Donald D
KRS-One in the house, you know how we be
Comin through straight from the mighty BDP
Yo Common Sense (what) you wanna get on? (YEAH~!)
And represent kickin a freestyle song

A freestyle song
The microphone I palm, like it was a Sunday
But today is a Monday, Sunday my day of rest
Yo "I'm Still #1" but I gotta say peace to KRS (HAA!!)
I can say I'm fresh when I come in
Style start to runnin, a hundred styles and runnin
Rappers I start to gunnin
This is what I do when me and KRS get together
I ask Lisa, I will be here FOR-EVER (EVER, AHH!!)
Puttin stuff together
This is how I weather with the brainstorm
Let my name form a lot of things, yo the man of the hour
Peace to, Power 106, they put me in the mix
like Hammer but I jam a, little bit (hah, what!)
Yo this is what I'm doin when I'm feelin
like I'm Latrell Sprewell when I start to stealin on cultures
Pullin posters, they just roaches, thinkin they the joint
I'm on point like Rod Strickland, I be the big man
Comin to New York with a new talk from Chicago
Follow, I roll like a model, hold the bottle
Com Sense I never swallow my spit, I just spit on rappers
On they grave, they better save that bull
This is my zone, whack MC's they better call Tyrone
I got me and KRS, you know the time
I show the rhyme, check it out
We show divine, how it goes down

Straight to your mental it's the style of the Temple
Worldwide representin the microphone and the pencil
Like Brooklyn Brooklyn be always funky fresh
Dope hooks and dope rhymes, that's always KRS
Their words can't hit me, their dogs can't sic me
Their knives can't stick me... {*fades out*}