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Artist: KRS-One f/ G. Simone
Album:  D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
Song:   Let it Flow (Get You in the Mood)
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In the begining, it was WHBI

[G.Simone - singing]
Just let it what you know..
To get you in tha mooooood..

*DJ scratching*

Just let it what you know..
To get you in tha mooooood..

*DJ scratching*

Check it Now!Back up on the set KRS is on the mic' kid
I rock the black and white kid, smash that ass and you fly, kid
No need to hype it but KRS-One's the one who pipe's it
These lyrical freestyles meanwhile you're gettin excited
Quickery, inginiery, over my delivery I'm glittery
I'm rhyming against biggetry while youre giving me...
...ignorance, incompetence, inexperience!Im not hearing it!
I battle with expedience and obedience, you macking the ingredients
Hiphop youre not being it!!Youre trying it
My whole style right now youre I and it
I'll take ya dark demo and put the sky in it
You say youre dope but like an Elvis Presly CD I ain buying it

{*Beat Stops and KRS-One speaks with G.Simone adding additional vocals*}

Tell me the relevance of Money without intelligence?!?!
There is none!EXPERIENCE= Wisdom!MC's I flick Dem
Lyric lick them, trick them, Kick Them, HAA HA-HA!!
Stick Them!

{*Live audience laughs and sound fades.KRS continues rapping*}

Yeah! Yo!
Now ev'ry time I kick this style that get you open
I remind I rhymes yeah I know you opened
For sum'thing more gifted uplifted!
Topical, rocking you, if its possible
let me give it to you logical
Give it up is what you got to do! Like a bad habit!
To battle KRS you need battle skills and magic
See this talus mineral around my neck can try to grab it
But remember: I don't write rhymes I write classics
You can get your ass kicked, get back up in ya strolla
KRS-One is seven dope albums older, the holder of a boulder
You want a fresh style? Let me show ya...
we will be here forever I told ya!!!

[G.Simone - singing]
Just let it what you know..
To get you in tha mooooood...(2x)

Watch me now, wa-watch me now, wa-watch me now glock me now
You be looking sloppy now, drop me how?rock me how?
You can't even stop me now!
Watcha really thinking bout when you wanna think it out!?
When I'm bout to bring it out the terror that I sing a bout?
If you do the crime then you must do the time and
if you kick a rhyme and its wack thats your behind and...
dont be blinded looking this way 'cause you'll be fine dead
My career going up-hill while yours declining
I'm the bomb on foot K-1 land mind
bumping to this you will shatter same time!!
These rappers be blind - they simply forget
that I'm the god of rap and my pride.. study the rhyme

[G.Simone - singing]
Yeaaaaah!!If youre feelin what we're feeelinnng!
Let it floww.Yeaaahh!!

[KRS talking - G keeps singing]
KRS-One keeps it toasty!Ha Ha.Whut!!
Bigging up the supreme team
All college radio DJ's, all underground MixTape DJ's
Rock on!!Yea Yea!!  Mad shoutout from New York City to the world!
WORD UP to the World KID!
(yea yea yea)to the World!!