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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
Song:   Remember
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(I remember..) Big Daddy Kane
(You've forgotten..) Salt-N-Pepa
(To remember..) Outrageous clothes
(I wonder why..) Uhh, oh
(I remember..) Heavy D
(You've forgotten..) Kool Moe Dee
(To remember..) Dope videos
(I wonder why..)

Remember the day, 'member the play, 'member the way we used to say
Remember the jams, 'member the plans
'member the plans you made with your man
Maybe you can or maybe you can not
Remember the architects of hip-hop
It's really hard to forget about Tupac
Respect is what the Crash Crew got
Better we ask you not, to recite the history of Hip-Hop on the block
You could forget about Grandmaster Flash if you try
You know not, the t'cha returns, have you forgotten?
I speak not to idle concerns, I keep it rockin
But you have forgotten I'm the holder of a boulder
Money-folder, we will be here forever, I TOLD YA!
To remind ya, just when them chrome rims blind ya
That them rims come from the expression of what's inside ya
My lyrics guide ya, and they fly too
Why don't you try to find who you rhyme through?
I think it's time to untie you

(I remember..) MC Lyte
(You've forgotten..) Stetsasonic
(To remember..) Fancy bars
(I wonder why..) Oh, oh
(I remember..) Brand Nubian
(You've forgotten..) Nice & Smooth
(To remember..) Those candy cars
(I wonder why..)

Some like it slow, some like it off beat
Some like smooth jazz I like it all street
We come in all shades, like coke we always
thinkin of more ways to leave them all dazed
All hazed, all crazed and all amazed
My last name should have been Letterman like Dave
But I wasn't his slave, I'm referrin to the way
that my lyrics behave, when I rock raves
Let off shockwaves baby it's crazy not too much can stop me
I walk right in, these other cats be knock-kneed
Terrified, they still actin all cocky
When the storm hits they be screamin "MAMI! PAPI!"
"AUNTIE! SOMEBODY!"  I'm from the orthodoxy
It takes more to rock me, like in "Attack of the Clones"
these rappers be carbon copies, and they hardly got the
flow, rhyme style sloppy and old
What's up with "The Show"?

(I remember..) Public Enemy
(You've forgotten..) Dana Dane
(To remember..) Outrageous clothes
(I wonder why..) Yo, oh, oh
(I remember..) Doug E. Fresh
(You've forgotten..) Das EFX
(To remember..) Videos
(I wonder why..)

(I remember..) W-H-B-I
(You've forgotten..) K-Day!
(To remember..) Outrageous clothes
(I wonder why..) Oh, oh
(I remember..) Red Alert
(You've forgotten..) Fab 5 Freddy
(To remember..) Videos
(I wonder why..)

Yo, oh, ah, yes, do it
Do it, ah, Mad Lion on the hookup
J Rock on the hookup
Oh, we do it just like that, just like that