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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
Song:   We Don't Care Anymore
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[KRS-One: repeat 2X]
We don't care anymore (care anymore)
We don't share anymore (share anymore)

I'll keep on bringin and singin until your ears is ringin
and stingin flingin and gleamin true MC'n with meanin
It's seemin we fiendin for all the cream and all the screamin
The demon got us believin in schemin, rhymin for no reason
Every weekend we weakened, discipline is what we needin
But we too busy freakin to understand divine speakin
Is anyone out there tryin to make it better?
Or is all of hip-hop about the cheddar? Whatever!

[Chorus 2X: KRS-One]
You don't care anymore (care anymore)
We don't share anymore (share anymore)

We don't share and care no more, we think this one's about lust
In every debate we create more hate and mistrust in us
Judge not least ye may be judged, show understandin
You don't know anyone's plan in life, it's so demandin
This one rippin off that one, that one rippin off this one
Listen, givin is livin and livin is givin, you listenin?
Our culture we pissin in, pissin on
Rappin for platinum plaques but when live, can't get it on


[unknown rapper]
What a response, from the Bronx, to wreck shit, when it's hectic
Players wanna be stars, instead of being respected
That's somethin that I won't do of course, I break 'em off
Straight from the source, they think they boss, when they lost
Tryin to force it, when it don't fit, I'll bust you down and I won't quit
Mics and money you won't get, when dogs don't do that dope shit
Now turn it around and peep it, make sure to keep it a secret
I come down with that deep shit, straight out the sky I speak it


Somehowwwwww, we got lost
And now our sharing, is gone
No one cares, no one shares
We gotta make it right, so we all can unite