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Artist: KRS-One & Marley Marl
Album:  Hip Hop Lives
Song:   Kill a Rapper
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I don't understand this man (it's bullshit)
Why they can't ever solve the crime Marley?
(Whatever happened with that Scott LaRock case man?)
I don't know

You wanna get away with murder - KILL A RAPPER
You wanna get away with murder - KILL A RAPPER
The investigation won't go further - KILL A RAPPER
You wanna get away with murder - KILL A RAPPER

Scott LaRock's a open case, unresolved
The cops never find the killer, when it's one of ours
Tupac's a open case; even though
he was killed in a open place there's really no haste
It's sorta like we govern ourselves
Even though we lack a love for ourselves
Or is that we know this thug shit sells?
You want them pockets too swell well
Even though we know we livin in hell - WHAT ABOUT BIG L?
Hold up, let's stop frontin, let me tell you somethin
JMJ's dead, and the cops don't know NUTTIN~?!
We gotta open our eyes to this too, this issue
Lisa 'Left Eye', we miss you


It seems like when a rapper dies it don't matter
He simply becomes a poster, somethin to run after
A reason for these kids to pull they guns faster
Tryin to emulate and be like dead rappers
I roll with them visionary look-ahead rappers
From the city to the farm pushin John Deere tractors
Bust this, in the city, there is no justice
The whole system is flawed, how could you trust this?
Crimes can't seem to be solved when it's one of us
That's why there's no forgiveness and cats just wanna bust
Hush, some people take the law into they own hand
and get burned like touchin frying pans


Man, we lyin too much, we dyin too much
Mothers cryin too much, brothers tryin to touch
that cash and such, in they hand they want a grand to clutch
Dissin they man and such
But Christopher Wallace is a unresolved murder
Another one is Mac Dre, I don't know if y'all heard of
him, but word is grim, when it turns to sin
All hip-hoppers are next of kin
We face what we supposed to face
But when it comes to them CRIMES, they never seem to CLOSE THE CASE
Yo Marley...
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh


(There he go right there!) {*click clack*}
(Son ain't even worth it kid)