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Artist: KRS-One & Marley Marl
Album:  Hip Hop Lives
Song:   The Teacha's Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[KRS in the background]
Go!! {*repeat 33X*}

[KRS-One over repeated vocal]
This is it! New York City
It's very rare you get to hear it like this
We bringin it back to y'all golden age
Watch this (here we go)

[Chorus 2X: KRS-One]
The teacher's back, the heat is back
The teacher's back...
The teacher's back, the heat is back
The teacher's back...

[KRS] The teacher's back

Go!! {*repeat 16X*}

The teacher's back, the heat is back
The teacher's back, the heat is back... GO!!

The teacher's back, the heat is back
Had to chill for a minute so you could see what was whack
Rappers enter the game to increase they stack
No skill, no style, man please step back
This that real real raw raw rah rah rappin
We started off street, now you pop, what's happenin?
You callin me contradictory
Yet I'm the most consistant MC in rap's history
Is that the mic give it to me; hip-hop it's livin in me
I smack rappers in they mouth deliberately
KRS-One, I really MC
I'm the different between real and Music TV - GO!!

Go!! {*repeat 9X*}

We ain't done! Uh-uh (here we go)
We ain't done, let's go!

[KRS in the background]
Go!! {*repeat 16X*}

[KRS-One over repeated vocal]
Here we go
Here we go
Y'all been waitin for this (here we go)
Here we go

I spit them conscious lyrics, for those that can hear it
I'd rather rhyme about the mind and the body and spirit
But them cats be too hardheaded, they like "Aww, forget it"
'Til they locked up and they blood is sheddin
I really spit conscious rap
And when I say "Stop the Violence" how you think we stoppin that~!
With a flower, a protest, a rally a band
Oh no, I got the baseball bat in my hand
Overstand - I'm takin a stand, not takin THE stand
I don't disrespect women because I'm a man
And some say fe-man
You uninformed journalists y'all can talk to the hand!
On my block, women get respect and trust
Cause when you diss a woman you dissin her fetus
And dissin our unborn children will defeat us
I'm not an elitist, I just know the world need us
And the whole world don't need y'all
Y'all just beatmakers, you need to learn from Marley Marl

[KRS in the background]
Go!! {*repeat 32X*}

[Chorus] - 2X

Hold up, hold up, hold up Marley! Hold up