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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Keep Right
Song:   ...And Then Again...
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Peace and much love my people, I am Minister Server
Right here with the teacher, KRS-One
Album #13, "Keep Right," or you gon' get left
You know what time it is, ain't no time to be frontin
Trust yourself, get with the movement
Yo teacher, let 'em have it - like this, c'mon

You get the CD and then, it's time to see me again
You break it open and then, no we not jokin again
Turn on your player and then, the rhyme sayer again
Put in the cd and then, you can't believe me again
Turn up the volume and then, we blowin by you again
You start to listen and then, you see the mission again
You start to listen and then, you get the vision again
U-N-I-T-Y that spells unity man
On G-O-D I demand, as you can see I don't end
Your family I defend, don't battle me you won't win
I'm not livin in sin, but I'm livin with Him
Her/They/Them/Us trust yo let us begin
KRS is unique, you can hear how I speak
I be teachin the streets, I'm fin' ta reach for the peak
I rock a club every week, I keep them thugs on they feet
He's back, just me, please, don't try to compete
I kick that knowledge in college when I club it it gets rugged
And you can see that these others be garbage and I love it
Uhh, what's the state of hip-hop?  Don't confuse it with rap
It's the state of your mind, it's the way that we act
It's that thing that makes you say yo I can never be whack
It's also clickin through my lyric lickings spittin the facts
Hot tracks y'all prep for combat
Baby I'm back, they crazy whack, takin 'em out!
The philosophical flow son, that's live at my show son
I'm soundin like no one, you feelin me though?
The people want me back like they want The Arsenio Show
They want the real, not a video hoe!
This is KRS-One, you gotta believe me
I'm sittin in the studio with Nice and B.C.
See me tonight, we keepin it tight
It's another from the brother KRS, "Keep Right!"