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Artist: KRS-One f/ Minister Server
Album:  Keep Right
Song:   Freestyle Ministry (Server Verbals)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"It was quite evident that something new had to be introduced
 in order for the music to flourish as it had in the past."

Ha, hah, huh
You know the time here

{"You will never be as nice as I am" - Jadakiss, "Nuttin to play wit" - Nas}
{"Troublesome, to anyone who stands in the way" - Guru, "Be my guest" - Nas}

Aiyyo, Minister Server, test your mic yo

[Minister Server] + (KRS)
Yo this ain't complex, I keep it mad simple (whaaat)
Minister Server transmittin from the temple (that's right)
The Lord is my light and my salvation (that's right)
I'm here to heal the, hip-hop nation (C'MON~!)
And make sure that our next, destination (C'MON~!)
Is exactly where no procrastination (that's right)
We got things to do, I mean me and you (uhh uhh)
We got to do what we came here to be true (C'MON~!)
Through the Most High guide you got to find purpose (UHH)
I'm on the mic now (WOOOO) I didn't rehearse this (what)
It's from the spirit (that's right) to those ears that hear it (c'mon)

C'mon, yeah, yo
You ain't never heard no flow like this one
We teach on the streets, ruminations go get one
If you never heard of "My Philosophy"
Check my catalogue, check the glossary
Ministry archives, school society
Temple of Hip-Hop exhibit you got to see
Obviously I flow different from most of them
They radioactive, I don't get too close to them
Hip-Hop in the cypher, commence to roastin them
Or commence to "Edutainment," minds I open them
Up on the rooftop, scopin them
KRS this album is dope AGAIN!

[Ministry Server] + (KRS)
It's up to you and me to walk in our authority (WOOOO)
To understand we got the inner divinity (that's right)
To change the things of this closed society (that's right)
Ain't that the way we said we wanted to be? (WORD~!)
Oh what'chu gonna do, you got to get off yo' ass (C'MON~!)
You can't move slow, you got to move real fast (c'mon, yeah, yeah)
If you, wanna keep up with the Temple your mental got to be ready
And you got to keep these flows steady (yeah)
And keep it goin, I don't really be knowin (yeah)
how the Most High's gonna be flowin (ohhh)
But I got faith and it's 2004 (yeah)
So the H-Law, yeah more
We gon' bring you up, you know it's all the way real
And I'ma keep it like this, don't pack no steel (word)
But I got a gat, that's got a lot of truth (yeah, yeah)
And I do it like this, my children be the proof
So teacher, come let these cats know (that's real)
The way you do it like this, you got to let 'em know (whoa)
That's always true, the way you come through (yeah)
So come and do what'chu gwan do

Biddy-bye-bye, biddy-bye-bye, biddy-bye-bye biddy-bo
Biddy-bye-bye ayyy, EASE OFF~!