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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Life
Song:   Woke Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

There's a difference between dreamin, and visualizin
Which one are you doin?

Food gone up, gasoline up
Full-time employment passin me up
Bills pilin up, really this sucks
I need a couple bucks, really I'm stuck
Here comes a truck, pullin right up
It says Brinks, now I'm thinkin what's up
But nah, what I'm thinkin about, yo duck
20 30 40 shots at the truck
I'm duckin runnin jumpin lookin for what?
Some cover for this brother, EVERYTHING'S NUTS~!
But yo, I can see some others with gats
Brinks firin, they firin back
Rat, ta-tat-ta-ta-tat-ta-ta, tat
Then I woke up...

Doctor help me out, what's this all about
What's this condition I gotta figure out
Am I really out, that I really doubt
Give me the remedy, what is the amount?
Whatever you tellin me sellin me compellin me
Yo the light in me ain't out
Anyway I enter cats remember
Knowledge I sent ya forever they shout
Then I woke up...

Well I guess I'm out on my own
With this condition it won't be long
Before for sure my little sanity's gone
I'm livin off of nuttin, losin my home
Kids in the street, wife alone
I want to sell this very microphone
But then my friend the light was shown
It came through my inner cellular phone
Get up and get out my spirit will shout
Commitment is what love is really about
No down and no out, just up and about
I think I'm gonna take the spiritual route
Then I woke up....

Then I realized I'm out of my purpose
Out of my purp', not doin my work
I went on a search, inside of myself
For true health, love awareness and wealth
I went to the Temple and opened my mental
I learned that I'm the cause of all that I been through
Your whole environment is really within you
Reach inside your heart and write a new menu
I'ma be the change that I want to see
Now I can see, that I'm really free
Everything is really always somethin else
Tell yourself a different story 'bout self
Do you have the courage to be you
All that talk, that you talk, is it really you?
Oh silly you, oh silly me
Your tongue is killin YOU, not killin me
I'm feelin free, to be, just what I wanna be
Easily, you see, cause I woke up...

When I woke up, my debt went down
My locks broke up, my rent went down
My stocks went up, my car sped up
My pockets swell up, my life I found
I'm not so fed up it's time to get up
A clear mind switched my life around
Now I can see where the help is at
The health love awareness and wealth is at
Cause I woke up...
Cause I woke up! I woke up!
When I woke up, I woke up
That's when I woke up

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