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Artist: KRS-One & True Master f/ RZA
Album:  Meta-Historical
Song:   One, Two, Here's What We Gon' Do
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I'm an emcee to the core, the core of an emcee
I spit more raw sixteens than many
The emcee rap terrain is not friendly
Haters, debaters, critics man, there's many
Rappers want to tempt me and lyrically dent me
I'm betting on them man you come up empty
The universe sent me with a rhyme dispersal
Cause you dissing the universe, we're universal
Follow your purpose, that'll never hurt you
Follow these corporations, man they'll jerk you
I got work to do, I can't flirt with you
Hip-Hop, I am that word to you
I might sound absurd to you
But has it ever occurred to you that I'll still lyrically murder you?
Run along, don't you have dirt to do?
True emcees never even heard of you
Even with a number one video we never heard of you
You stole your shine like burglars do
I'm holding mine, I'll burn your crew
You rap, emceeing's what you gotta learn to do
When people seek Hip-Hop, they don't turn to you
For the real man, there's only a few
That's KRS-One, one two, one two
Pass me the mic, here's what we gon' do

Yo, give all praises to Allah
Yo, raise emcees through Islam
and his word is bond, remain calm
Got love for his pops and moms, give charity to neighborhoods
and show respect to the cops
Plus the thugs on the block to hollywood execs
A good man strive to be better from good knowledge and wisdom
over drugs and cheddar, we keep school in the cabinet
Attract people like magnets, pragmatic when it comes to static
I study my mathematics, help my friends in need
Aim to succeed, respect men all color, race and creed
Don't just strive, know who he is, I strive to be it
My father's the king, I'm a prince, that's how I see it
Travel revolutionary roads, live by samurai code
Got Chi kung, my skin tough as the toad
Who am I? How can doubt deny that I am what I am
Descended from the most high
Metamorphosis metaphysical, we building better physical
We see shine and design, therefore he's not invisible
Proceed and heard everywhere
from a spec of dust to a follicle of hair
To a rogue wave in the ocean to a molecule of air, he's there
Microscopic to the cosmic, puts every force on object
Whether you're 'nostic, catholic, gothic, or the prophet
We deal with mathematics, we can subtract or add it
Divide it, multiply or breaking down the fractions
From a cloud of blood and sperm cell we flashing
The biochemical equation, walk and talk with reaction

[KRS-One] + (RZA)
One two, one, one two, one two
Pass me the mic, here's what we gon' do
Pass me the mic, here's what we gon' do
(Hahah, check it, suuuuuu!)
Yo, one two, one, one two, one two
Pass me the mic, here's what we gon' do
Pass me the mic, here's what we gon' do