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Artist: KRS-One & True Master
Album:  Meta-Historical
Song:   He's Us
Typed by: Cno Evil

Yo, True Master with the Blast Master
Street pastors, yup, we beat blasters
We massacre, we think past ya
Flashing the cash and the ass don't matter
We got special vision, and all you youngings
Looking to get ahead in life, you better listen
T-E-A, C-H-A, the Teacha, giving ya what you need today
What you need today? What you need to know
Is that there's more to life, man, than chasing hoes
Ya'll know they not in love with you, just Follow Lifes Outcome
Willingly, that's F.L.O.W.
Am I coming through, can you see us?
This style is the free-est, but don't try to be us
Try to be you, then you can be us
And in my older age, you can then lead us
Ashes be ashes, and dust be dust
I be hip hop and in that we trust
We cuss, but still the world needs us
I can hear the whole world yelling "FREE US!"
But they can't see us, cuz they were no J's in Hebrew, Jesus is
pronounced as "Hesus"
He's us, and it's that awakening that will free us

[Chorus: KRS-One (True Master)]
He's us (yes, it's a must, we discuss)
He's us (and his love is based on trust)
He's us (when you low and need a little pick me up, say)
He's us (still a bust and adjust)

[True Master]
Yo, True Master with the Blast Master
A boom basher, yup, we sound clashers
Beat capture, true hip hop rapture
Splashing the smash that will blast from your rafter
New growth is up springing, a beat can shine in
For those who had difficulty seeing
It is true, he is us, in you
Overstand that, realize what you got to do
What you got to do, what you got to see
Is that he is you, and you are me
Unity amongst individuality
Just take a look and behold the beautiful geometry
Some say prophecy, but regardless
Who rock the hardest, who goes the farthest
Kill even if you can go the most far
Keep in mind everyone is still a shining star
Makes no difference who you are
The spark of life in you be Allah
By far, excellence beyond par
And vibrating way about the radar
Brighter than a quasar, forever and always
He's us, and indeed it's due all praise, yeah
He's us, and indeed it's due all praise, yeah