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Artist: KRS-One & True Master
Album:  Meta-Historical
Song:   Knowledge Reigns Supreme
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Come on man, you know what KRS is about
This lesson's about city life stressing you out
You guess and you doubt, you're feeling trapped, you'll never get out
Check the account, it's overdrawn, what's the amount?
You under and out, over the top, ready to shout
But then you find there's a teacher talking about
walking a route, where DTs ain't chalking you out
You laugh now until them Feds are stalking you out
You gangsta? What the hell you talking about?
Knowledge reigns supreme, that's what New York is about
Open your mouth, KRS ain't stuck in the house
I'm on Flatbush and Church Ave walking it out
Erasmus High School, no pork in the mouth
I'm walking in faith, them other dudes walking in doubt
I be pointing them out, KRS anointed with clout
I'm on a Rampage like the Last Boy Scout, I'm out

[Chorus 2X: True Master]
We come to make knowledge born for live cats
and cats laid back, but will still twist your cap
Keep a jewel under their caps, not the pimps but the macks
Magnetic is in air like attract

Yeah, check that
Oh man! Fearless
This what the streets been waiting for, for real
and y'all know what I'm talking about
Hardness! Listen

Look, pleasure to meet ya, I'm know as the Teacha
Stronger, not weaker, last week I blew off they tweeters
Taking it back to Filas and beepers, not a deceiver
I keep my soul to the street like the sole of my sneakers
My soul is not old or cold, I'm holding them heaters
When the story's told I'll be known as a focussed leader
If I ain't divine with this rhyme then the pope ain't either
I ain't on your radio cause I don't rhyme bout coke or reefer
But rest assured the hood know bout the Teacha
Teaching the gospel of Hip Hop so the Devil won't eat ya
Come up to the speaker, let me feed ya
Join this movement 'padre we need ya!

[Chorus 2X: True Master]