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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Mix Tape
Song:   Down the Charts
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You cats still worried about chart position
It's the heart that your missin
It's the art that your missin
Just a little something to hold yall over
The Kristal album on the way, word up

When you're number one, everybody come
But when you drop to two everybody still with you
But when you drop to three everybody want to see
But when you drop to four everybody still endures
But when you drop to five people will help you strive
When you drop to six you still in every mix
But when you drop to seven people start guessin
When you drop to eight people hesitate
But when you drop to nine thats when you start to find
That when you drop to ten you start to lose your friends
When you drop to eleven your record stop sellin
When you drop to twelve it's everyone for themselves
So when you drop to thirteen you stop working
When you drop to fourteen no more self esteem
You drop to fifteen cuz you lived and you seen
When you drop to sixteen you now out the scene
When you drop to seventeen you see things you never seen
Like when you drop to eighteen you know what it mean
So drop to nineteen and on then to twenty
At nineteen you lose your honey
At twenty your money to a Playboy bunny
At twenty one things ain't funny
At twenty two you don't know what to do
So you hit twenty three you look for security
So you drop to twenty four no more can you endure
When you drop to twenty five at the bottom you've arrived
When you drop to twenty six you in a old school mix
When you drop to twenty seven until you start steppin
When you drop to twenty eight you start to meditate
When you drop to twenty nine you expand your mind
When you drop to thirty you see it was all dirty
No you drop to thirty two and it occurs to you
When you hit thirty three now you can see
That it's all about skill and a love for the art
Not whose above or whose below in the chart
You got to look in your heart
It's there where you start
I and hip hop are never ever ever apart