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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Mix Tape
Song:   Ova Here (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[KRS-One: speaking live]
First of all, I don't know WHO, y'all saw on this stage before me (aight)
I don't know WHO, y'all gonna see on this stage after me (true)
But THIS, is REAL.. HIP.. HOP!  Worrrrrd UP!
I'm gonna find out tonight, where the real hip-hop

[Intro] + (live response)
The real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
The real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
The real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
Real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)

Bla-blaow! Bla-blaow!
Clear 'em out, clear 'em out - word!
{*scratching: "Aww yeah!", "The real hip-hop, is ova here"*}
{*scratching: "KRS, come get up in they asses"*}

[Verse One]
You ain't Fo'Reel and you ain't Universal
Your whole style sounds like a infomercial
You ignoramus, I'm the baddest with the mic apparatus
Challengin the God of rap is madness, I'll snatch your status
With these elders lookin at Billboard you could stop them
But I got enough albums to make my OWN top ten!
You limited, like the spread of traffic
You bite my style off the radio
so when you speak in fact I hear the static
You better Chillout like Chuck, I kick like three Norrises
One of my sixteen bar rhymes is eight of your choruses
Of course it is, ridiculous
Watch out, I be in the club inconspicuous
Gotcha, on your, hands and knees
Ain't it about time for some real MC's?

[Chorus] + (live response)
The real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
The real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
Real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)
Real hip hop is (ova here!!!!)

Yo yo, Beatminerz, turn up the track a little bit
Gonna do this right now

[Verse Two]
Remix it, don't re-fix it
First brigade, second brigade - all swords lifted
Formation, classified information
Code red rhyme style accurate articulation
Don't test my foreign relation
The cats in Brixton, Birmingham and London just waitin
Got my cats in France like ill
Even Africa's laughin at'cha right along with Brazil
The West Indies?  Jus' wan fi kill
Got Canada mad at'cha, Germany heard of me, they seen the skill
Hip-Hop is more than a thrill to us
A dollar bill to us, believe you will trust in that
Cause if you bust at me, on TV, CD
Internet trust that, I WILL BUST BACK
I turn down heat real quick, when I spit
you need the medicine what I speak is so sick
Then again these veteran be better than many men
Forever we hit 'em again better than ANY trend they could ever say
In any season, hot warm cold or freezin
When it comes to MCin, we believe in rhymin for a different reason
No frontin, my rhyme style tells you somethin
They rhyme style tells you who they freakin
But you was already told - what does it profit a man
to gain the whole world and lose his soul?