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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Mix Tape
Song:   Splash
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Word up!  It's just a little somethin to tide you over, word up
The "KRStyle" album comin soon, KRS-One all in the room
We gonna bounce these cats this year, word up
Why they do this?  Ha - yo, yo

I climb up the back of rappers
Reach over they head, and rap backwards at 'em
Excuse me madam, I used to throw these uzis at 'em
But I'm a teacher, skills I truly have 'em
These clubs I duly pack 'em
Potential lawyers engineers and doctors, I do attract 'em
Go to your professors and ask 'em
if the songs of the "Edutainment" in college they didn't blast 'em
Yes - I'm that ancient one
I set the framework for today's rappers to make they funds
But no you don't know me son
My facial features matches the Sphinx with it's nose redone
You know how many clubs we done rocked?
You know how many guns we done popped?
You know how many funds we done dropped?
You know how many ones we done got?
We been gettin live since the days of Chubb Rock
We know how to survive; these other cats
be in at nine o'clock then be out at five, uhh
We doin the overtime, on stage I over-rhyme
Makin these whack rappers tow the line
Steppin to me, I know you blind; cause your whole flow
your show, your style, you know it's all mine!
The first time you learned to spit
It was either me, Kane, Rakim or Slick Rick!
{*water splashes*}

Welcome to the "KRStyle"
This year I had to switch styles and bust off two miss-iles
And that's not all, rappers have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall - but still in all
I have X amount of lyrics to get 'em all
Live at the club I spit 'em all
Rappers backstage lookin sad and piti-fal
Cause they know I'm the pinna-cle and they mini-mal
I spit the metaphysical, the spiritual
The oracle, the lyrical, the oratorical
Rookie!  I'll mop the floor witcho'
I'm the lyrical foundation to all your flows
All your clothes, all your shows and I'm not alone
You wouldn't even know how to hold the mic or the phone
You couldn't even bite on the bone
While we was rockin mics out in Rome
Now you hyped cause you grown?
You know we internationally known, the people love it
But what they learnin bout is on the whole, look above it
But let us get back to what we call hip-hop
Before you whack rappers went pop
{*water splashes*}