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Artist: KRS-One f/ Shuman
Album:  The Mix Tape
Song:   The Message 2002
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uh-ha! Uh-ha!
Another Inebriated beat
You know what time it is, straight for the street
KRS-One, hold tight!  Look, look

[Chorus One: KRS-One]
Crack - don't mess with that
Speed - don't mess with that
It's whack - don't mess with that
Greed - don't mess with that
Knowledge - yeah, mess with that
God - yeah, mess with that
College - yeah, mess with that
A job - yeah, mess with that
Look look; dealing - don't mess with that
Crying - don't mess with that
Stealing - don't mess with that
Lying - don't mess with that
Meditation - mess with that
Forgiveness - mess with that
Education - mess with that
Hip-Hop - we lovin that

[Verse One: KRS-One]
I rhyme for respect y'all, intellect y'all
Not sex y'all, move that neck y'all, correct y'all
Checks y'all, cash y'all, don't last y'all
With cops y'all to blast y'all, harass y'all
Flash y'all as they pass y'all, through the glass y'all
These videos gas y'all cause they trash y'all
I ask y'all this fact y'all
Unaired y'all, these cops y'all they scared y'all
They fear y'all they hear y'all they hate y'all
Less than 40,000 a week, they make y'all
Cops y'all with black feet, livin from week to week
Walk crooked beats in the streets y'all
They greet y'all with the heat y'all, to defeat y'all
It's deep y'all, hear what I teach y'all, and speak y'all

[Chorus Two: KRS-One]
Hate - don't mess with that
Trends - don't mess with that
? - don't mess with that
Revenge - don't mess with that
Truth - yeah, mess with that
Skills - yeah, mess with that
Proof - yeah, mess with that
Build - yeah, mess with that
Wars - don't look for that
Freaking - don't look for that
Whores - don't mess with that
Cheating - don't mess with that
G.E.D. - mess with that
Science of mind - mess with that
Family - mess with that
Hip-Hop - we lovin that

[Verse Two: Shuman]
Yeah, yo.. aiyyo, yo
Who seein us, with an overdose level of free in us
They bring the heat to us
They don't really want the beat in us
Take heed to us
While they plottin and schemin to be deletin us
Best believe in us, they not defeatin us
Them glocks wanna bust
With twenty-one shots to put the leak in us
So they can bloody the street with us
What does it mean to us
You know what they need from us
Give cream to us, hide the lies and deceit from us
That doesn't equal us
Who's ready to get in the Jeep with us
Form a fleet with us and take back the street with us
Meet with us, drop bombs in the street with us
Never saw it comin, attack on the sneak with us
Thus, they can't compete with us
We flow through your veins like DJ's
When they cut, you'll be bleedin us
I came with Kris to heat it up
Showin my body's the temple, hip-hop is the lock
Now put the key in us

[Chorus One]

[Verse Three: KRS-One]
Truth y'all, facts y'all, proof y'all, black y'all
Time to check this map y'all, are we goin back y'all?
Let's make a pact y'all, come together watch your back y'all
Stay in tact y'all, never whack - gimme dap y'all
Comin at y'all, headcrack y'all with the facts y'all
Police y'all, on the attack y'all if ya black y'all
So if this is fact y'all, when we rap y'all
over the track y'all, why we rap about crack y'all?
That's whack y'all, we trapped y'all
Holdin the gat y'all just to kill another black y'all
Clak clak clak y'all, it's like that y'all
KRS-One yo, let's take it back y'all, listen!

[Chorus Two]