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Artist: KRS-One (as Big Joe Krash)
Album:  Break the Chain 'A Psychosonic Comic'
Song:   Break the Chain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Word!!! *echoes*

Uhhh!  Uhh, uhh!  Unh!  (Awww yeah!)
Uhh, unh, uhh!  Unh, uh, uhh, uh, uhh, uhh
(Yeah bring somethin in a little like that yo!)

Break the Chain, Break the Chain! *clink*
(repeat 4X)

Yo, get with your culture it'll catapult ya
Ignorance is like a vulture and it will insult ya
My name is Krash, Joe Krash, Big Joe Krash
Built to last, education for mass
Never take a dive yo, strive for the livin
Today is a beginning, for you to start winning
You cannot walk around town like you a idiot
Livin it with some Boyz N Tha Hood is your affiliate
That's simply ignorant, really that's the enemy
Train your brain to attain your identity
Self construction not Self Destruction
if you're tryin to be a gangster, you're buggin
If you're not movin ahead yo, you're buggin
You gotta look at yourself, and try to change somethin, huh
So check the animation for the nation of the -- money
My name is Krash, I'm way live and I'm also funny
This is the underground way to put knowledge in your brain
But first we gotta break the chain, c'mon

Break the Chain, Break the Chain! *clink*
(repeat 2X)
Word! *echoes*
Break the Chain, Break the Chain! *clink*
(repeat 2X)

Yo, I don't wanna be a dummy walkin round smellin funny
lookin bummy or crummy with no money (Go!!!)
But when I go to school the teacher ain't teachin
And when I go to church the preacher ain't preachin
Who they think they reachin, the old style is dead
Instead wake up the knowledge in your own head
With new ideas you got fewer fears
and with fewer fears, you can get paid in it for years
Yo, take a look around where you at
If you think it's wack, educate yourself and change that (wack!)
I'm fallin down and I can't get up I ain't buyin it
Change the way you think, you'll change your environment
We weren't always slaves or livin in caves
This is what we learned, so this is how we now behave
You can get new ideas by lookin ALL around
Read lips, and ask questions on what is goin down (yeah)
Break the chain that used to be on your foot
Now it's on your mind, behind your eyes
You can't vote, you can't see it, you can't believe it
I'm breakin the chain of ignorance, anything you can achieve it (yeah)
Open your eyes, realize I'm bein God
Enough of the lies, let's rise and

Break the Chain, Break the Chain! *clink*
(repeat 2X)
Word!! *echoes*
Break the Chain, Break the Chain! *clink*
(repeat 2X)