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Artist: KRS One f/ Cold Crush Brothers
Album:  Throw Down 12"
Song:   Throw Down
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Let's Do It!
[Cold Crush] 
When I say how then you say ho
and if somebody say thug then you say so
cuz theres hell below and you aint tryin to go
so get ready for the throw down
Headz catch wreck and bums get done
B.D.P., Cold Crush & Krs One
nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
so get ready for the throw down

Verse 1

Throw down, low down
Mc's get throw down
I mastered the sentence, paragraph & pronouns
I think you oughta go down
you cant stand the blow of toe to toe now!
that you heard all the rap criminals
skills minimal, dispicable, 
check out the rhyme original 
indivisible justice for all
before ya learned to walk, you gots ta learn to crawl
before ya learned to crawl, you gots to be born
now before you were born, your folks had to get it on
The point to the matter comin from the blastmaster
is hip hop culture might be headed for disaster
All these wack rappers don't know the past data
They act like hip hop history doesn't matter
So when you see Krs One brace the stage
the difference that you see, has to do wit my age
Fresh in 74....Fresh in 75
Fresh in 76 when Mc's rocked live to cassette
Fresh in 77 don't forget
Fresh in 78 on a turntable set
Fresh in 79
Fresh in 80 I was grandmaster G wit my man double T
Fresh in 81
Fresh in 82 when DJ Mad Mike off of Church Avenue in the B-K
BROOKLYN-FLATBUSH!!!...when B-K MC's got mushed!
Fresh in 83, 84 and 85 when I moved back to the B-X and got live
Fresh in 86......Fresh in 87
Fresh in 88 after Scott went to heaven
Fresh in 89......Fresh in 90
Im Fesh in 91, 92 and 93
Fresh in 94, 95 don't be forgetten
Fresh in 96 and Fresher in 97
Fresh in 98 and Fresh in 99
In the new millenium I'll be aroused in your mind so....


Verse 2

What does it take to be a real MC?
it means you can't write rhymes for the tv
cuz a real MC, whether amatuers or pros
MC that knows how to rock live shows
another thing while I sing MC talk
a real MC never diss New York
cuz if you knew the time while your rhymin MC'n
you'd know that New York is hip hop's garden of Eden
and if this aint sacred, we neva gonna make it
your disin your very own hip hop tradition
you know why when I grab the mic I'm superior
cuz I was at the Roxy and Danceteria
Krs a product of respect and courtesy
while the rapper is a product of the record company
Im not braggin but this is what hip hop is achievin
it's becomin all rap and no Mc'in
still we aint seein, cuz still we aint believin
the West and the East of hip hop can cease

[Cold Crush]
Hey yall this is true
the boys in blue gotta plan for you
dont mess wit the suits cuz they do too
so whatcha gonna do
Tried to be the best
live positive and free from stress
dont limit yourself to east or west
whose the very best...

Krs...I warm up your chest while your bones untangle
the lyrics hit your head then goes down your ankle
I'm saved for rainy days like casserole
then rediscovered later like the dead sea scrolls
you wanna get out the ghetto, the projects and profit
but first negativity you gots to stop it
Big up the east coast and the west coast
but you cant big up no coast when your ghost
I can see now how the other man stole rock and roll
and guitar rippin cuz we was bullshit
sick of eatin chicken,
but fix it theres time tickin
we spittin and complainin but the worlds rearrangin
still we doin the same, whose to blame we dont need this
its not black strangness, its black weakness