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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  Kristyles
Song:   Things Will Change
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Hands in the air! (X 4)

Good looking, word...
DJ Revolution, word up...
Let's do this, kid...
Here we go!

A good time, a good vibe, and a house with a court
Good life, good wife, a little food for thought
I need (I need) food, clothes, and a whip with rims
I need God in my life
I need family and friends
(I need) money, power, respect, I need love
I need world peace, homeless to eat, no drugs
I need every race and creed to be one
Every nation, every face and seed to see sun

You need to listen to this
You need to listen to Kris
You need to have peace at least
You need spiritual bliss
You need a lyrical twist
Do you know what a miracle is?
Before we begin, you may need a kiss
I suggest either one from J to O-one from the lips
Either way what I'm saying, yo, is bound to uplift
You need checks, you need cash
You need intellect
You need to be moving fast
You need that big respect
You need to be rolling in a car
Going to a bar that's far
Makin' the deal to make you a star
You need to ask yourself, now do you know who you are?
Where you goin'? How many steps you took so far?
You need patience, you need to control your mind
If you read and don't act, then you're wasting your time
We need better leaders, we need better preachers
We need a three-thousand dollar raise to all teachers


You need some meditation
You need rejuvenation
You need assistance right now with your situation
You need some contemplation
You need a combination
–A combination of will power and concentration
You need some syncopation
With regular relaxation
But you can't, 'cause you runnin' and racin' and chasin'
You need to slow down, maybe you should speed up
One sayin' "lay down," the other's sayin' "leap up"
You gotta keep up
I suggest you start to speak up
A lawyer, a doctor, a rapper—you wanna be what?
Whatever it is, you gotta visualize
You need to focus for real, and stop livin' them lies
The time you givin' them guys
You could be workin' upon the goal you hold
Yo, you must realize
Yo, you need to be wise
Yo, you need to be alive, there could be no revenge or deceit in your eyes


Gimme what I need
Do it with speed
Change the situation around, plant new seeds!
I roll with a righteous team of adults
Forget the insults
We plan to get results
You can call us a cult, you can call us a gang
But when it comes to Hiphop, no, you cats can't hang
When the Gatts go bang
And the telephone rang
Telling you to come to identify the remains
That's when you feel the pain
And my name comes as comfort, ease and all stress and strain
You need to know the game
You need to know the meaning of your own name
Reprogram your own brain
Ask questions with no shame
How you think you gonna master your craft if you don't train?
Perfecting your skill, that's the aim
Perfect your skill, and you'll always have money and fame


What I, uhh, what I need
(House on the hill)
That's what I need
(Cash credit on my bill)
That's what I need
(All my dreams fulfilled)
That's what I need
(New whip that I can wheel)
What I need
(With the chromed out grill)
Uh huh, that's what I need
(And the girl that can chill)
That's what I need
(And my spirit all healed)
That's what I need
(That's what I need)
That's what I need
(That's what I need)
That's what I need
(That's what I need)
That's what I need
(That's what I need)
That's what I need
That's what I need
(That's what I need)