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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot f/ Smif-n-Wessun
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   Connection
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[Intro: Buckshot]
Too bright in the room
Gotta darken it up, NO DOUBT!
Ha ha! Yeah
We the Batman and Robin in this rap shit right now
Listen (ha ha) woo!

Class in session, the mass and the weapon
My protection is sectioned of the +Black Smif-n-Wessun+
Stop guessin, you don't got to ask who with it
They by the blind, Buck is a beast and that's who did it
Mass murder, I murdered the masses
New or old school, I shoot up the classes
Let me show you what to do with your glasses
It'll give you a better vision of a lyrical ass kick
The facts is when it comes to axes
Buck bounce back like springs in a mattress
Now practically I don't need no practice
But when I'm with the teacher my procedure's clack-click
Bang, hear the slang from across the street
I know you hate it but you forced to greet
me, see, anytime you gotta pass me in the public
I know you hate it but damn you like, "Fuck it
Shit, I gotta stay in the loop now
cause Buckshot and KRS-One in the room now"
Yeah, make you wanna jump off the roof now
So what you do now or get now, me and my crew now
It's like

[Interlude: Steele]
Yeah, my body read my life stories, B
Ya dig? It's for real man
See the two B's on the wings, my block
I fly with the eagles, my wings are soarin nigga
Yeah, sound good over these shits
Y'all niggaz better get y'all weight up

I'm standin on shaky ground, gotta know the ledge
Don't push me, I'm too close to the edge
Why you hustlin backwards? You're tryin to get ahead
I'm, tryin not to lose my head
I put a nigga six feet deep in a creek
This day and time ain't no room for the weak
You gotta know if you're blinded, love's gonna getcha
I'm +Criminal Minded+, let me paint the picture
If I shine, then you shine
I don't hate on yours, so don't hate on mines
The past is over, the future is near
I hope you're ready cause the present is here
It's the general winner, hoodlum, two shades of Brooklyn
Go straight to the island, past the bookings man
(You know the voices) You know what it means
(Yes, we hate the polotics) But lovin the game

The epitomy of raw energy times three
Possessin the recipe, iron chefery the specialty
Rap {?}, strong arm robbery
I'ma play +007+ like Sean Connery
Probably some of the hardest artists to rock a beat
Scholars honor we, criminology the philosophy
You can't possibly consider tryin to topple we
Dream up stoppin we better wake up with an apology
I don't even write rhymes, I write biographies
And I don't need no punchlines or choreography
Honestly, don't be surprised if I'm on your property
Say it to your face, yeah I handle my business properly
I was taught by the teacher, he on the grind with me
When you see niggaz beefin reach for your nine swiftly
No we don't promote violence but don't smile with me
I don't play with my life simply cause clowns die quickly
And I don't play with these broads but the god rhyme silly
You know I stay with the chrome cause these pawns try and get me
The arm's strong, couple of cons that side with me
Ride with me, drama involved they frontline with me (yes)
Shake bake, cut cake, split pies with me
Wise guys die but we rise infinitely
Steele, Buckshot smoke a lot of trinity
KRS-One recognize pure divinity

[Interlude: KRS-One]
We just laid back right now, you know what it is
We bringin that fire out, that's real
You ain't heard no album like this in a minute
Raw shit, get in it

You rappers talk crime but you never did it
You talk 'bout coke but you broke and never sniffed it
You talk 'bout rappin but you never spit it
You talkin that fantasy rap crap and I don't get it
My shit's real in the cotton field
I stay hungry like I never ever had a meal
When I was comin up, I had to steal
Before I had a recording deal worked a quarter mil'
Critics say, "You oughts to chill, you old now"
But really that ain't how I feel, I'm more bold now!
When you get older you get better
I'ma take this to the grave; stop? Never~!
I been let it switch up the paragraph
Any concert I do is at least an hour and a half
Minimum, classics we spittin them out
Cops in the club, we kickin them out
You know what Kris is about, freestyle I spit it out
I shock the crowd like Janet when her tit fell out
Wack rappers we get 'em out
Cause the dopest rappers I pick 'em out and KNOCK all them niggaz out!
This ain't nuttin to figure out
I'm a father, you bother my home, the chrome-9 trigger's out
And it ain't hard to get it out
Y'all dead men already, that's why I'm pourin this liquor out
Y'all live in doubt, my faith is renewed
Smith & Wesson's in the room and I don't mean my two dudes
"Kris, you're too rude"
But if you wanna stop the violence for real here's the attitude
Don't step to the peaceful, like the beast do
We will shoot, hogtie and eat you
I spit the truth and lethal, here's how the East do
It's not the mic, it's the mind I speak through