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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   Hear No Evil
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[Intro: KRS-One]
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah...
One one two two two...

I only speak when I have to speak
And when I have to talk, and when I have to teach
And when I have to walk past the cash this week
Cause the networks want me to show ass and cheek
Huh, I gotta laugh when I speak to the class this week
The workin class bustin they ass to compete
You mastered cash but it goes fast in the street
You got child care, food, clothes, gas and the heat
That's why I have to speak
Cause we passed the peak of poverty, we blastin the heat
We only askin to eat
But the only language people understand is more gats in the street!
And bricks then it's more acts in the street
All over the world you can't relax nor eat
I only speak, when I have to speak
And when I have to speak, I speak heat at the streets

[Chorus 2X: Buckshot]
Hear no evil, see no evil
Speak no evil, seek no evil
He no evil, she no evil
Cause everybody at war with my people

See, no way I'ma fall for the same trick
The fall, St. Nick, that's all the same shit
I ain't never see Santa Claus fall from a chimney
All I ever seen was the fat word gimme
Then I seen Lenny talkin 'bout {?}
A couple of bucks, I'm stuck Buck, let me see
Hmm, see that's where you go wrong
When I see you with someone and you sing a different song
How long, must I play the game like Barry?
White politicians overseein my scenari'
Oh, I meant to tell you what I just seen
It was two niggaz with cream and a burner in between
What a scene, red white and blue si-reens
Get it? Red white and blue, you see what I mean?
Seen? I let my third eye do the lookin
If you ever wonderin who would as now you see Brooklyn


[Outro: Buckshot]
Uh, everybody at war
Hear my niggaz come through the door
Like, aw this shit is crazy Big Ben
I'm on a track with KRS-One right now
This shit is for real
OHHH SHIT! Brooklyn and the Bronx
If you fuck with us you'll get stomped
Like, click, clack, BOOM!
One to your dome if you niggaz don't know
One, here we here we here we go
Here we here we go, here we here we here we go
Here we here we here we go, like, uh