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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot f/ Pharoahe Monch
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   One Shot
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[Verse 1 - KRS-One]
I go on and on
My philosophies are strong
As you can see, these other old schoolers are gone
I'm on top of New York like King Kong
These other sounds are fallin - RING THE ALARM!
I wear rappers out like Sean John
Hit 'em like a bong
Blow 'em out like Chong
Y'all got it all wrong
If you a true artist, you know it ain't all about sellin songs
It's all about letter wars and metaphors
Creatin better tours, I think y'all better pause
I spit just because and rip rappers for the love of it
Aw man for the fuck of it
I'd rather fast and pray but y'all wanna thug this shit, so let's get 
these guns out
Others donate but my hands is in your pocket, pullin all your funds out (yes)

[Chorus - Pharoahe Monch]
KRS-One, Buckshot
Split it, up the middle, you only get one shot
Get it? One Shot, meanin half of both of the names
Or better yet I figure you better have aim
Now pick a style, any style, choose one
Political rap, conscious, crack, guns
Score's tied, no time on the clock
You better hit the bulls eye, see what you got, one shot

[Verse 2 - Buckshot]
I go on and on
My philosophy y'all gotta see the best hater perform
Come on, who do it better than us?
B-X to B-K, stay reppin with us
Worldwide, Boot Camp Clik, 'til we D.O.A.
BDP, your beat don't play, get it together
Buck stay sittin in leather
While you sit in your cloth and scratch your balls
Try to figure out how I do it
Even though you sell more records, I'm still next to you kid
I don't give a fuck about numbers
If I did, I'd jerk every artist like son does
Now you wanna rock the game
But you not Buckshot, so you can't rock my name (look at you)
It's a God damn shame
Niggaz got big money but still got a small brain (listen up man)


[Verse 3 - Buckshot]
Okay, you ain't seen a man beat the odds like me since O.J.
No way, what could I say?
Motherfuckers be hustlin hard, high hopes and low pay
Don't play (nah)
Look at the game, who was the ref?
To blow the whistle on that bullshit you do with your breathe
Next, as a matter of fact right now
I'm a go left, see if you on the map right now
Yes, you don't even know your website
That's like, havin a fight facin a lead pipe
No light (nah), so I'm a guide you like the soap opera
I'm so proper and I'm on the streets, no problem
Goblins, goons, niggaz with crack balloons
Yellin for more Black Moon, soon
For now y'all niggaz bow to the Buck
This ain't a movie when I got you yellin "cut" (yes)


[Outro - Buckshot - talking]
You stop the camera
BDI, yeah, uh
Dan The Man in the background
Uh, uh uh, Dan The Man in the background
Uh, Dru-Ha in the background
Duck Down in the background
Sippin gin in the background
? in the background
Ya heard of me in the background
Brooklyn in the background
? back now, KRS back now, what?