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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot f/ Melanie Fiona, Naledge (Kidz in the Hall)
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   Past * Present * Future
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[Melanie Fiona]
Yo it's the past, the present, the future

Here we go now, uh uh uh
Yeah, Buckshot, KRS, 9th Wonder
Duck Down uh, Duck Down
Uh, here we go, here we go

Look up in the sky, not a bird, not a plane
but a mayne that'll take aim for a little change
Strange, how fame'll make
your best friends turn enemies and change the state
See stakes get revealed when the stakes get real
How wise, tell a lie when you facin steel
You know the god don't chill, I'm a hundred degrees
Especially when I'm blunted with trees, please
I ain't tryin to see D's unless they gold and rubber
If not brother word to mother
Look the other day I saw K, R to the S
in the yard with the rest of the gods and the vets
showin which part to rep, hip and hop
Both still alive, I ride with y'all or not
Cause when I look how far I got
A thousand blocks I rep from the house to housing projects

[Chorus 2X: Melanie Fiona]
Yo it's the past, the present, the future
I been a soldier all my life, ain't nothin new uhh
I brought the heat, to these streets, laid it down up on this beat
And you can't hate because you know I spit the truth uhh

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
Nah nah, Mr. Brain, damn rhyme flippin lanes
On my anti-lame campaign
Hope I get your nomination
Church on the move, like a nomadic congregation
This ain't collab', this a constellation
A collection of stars that belong
in a sky like the hew on a blue in the crayon box
Peace to Kris, peace to Buckshot
Best in the city where they keep they hats cocked
And 9th got me all tense sorta like 1st and goal
Now I run it in like my name Tebow
In my broke days got the old heave-ho
In the dead of summer they be sayin "He cold!"
But I'm sayin "He know!"
Eagle has landed its own alcove{?}
Get it clear like Mario Josť{?}
Take chickens home, cut 'em like O.J.
Do she get a call back? No way
I know you thought I was conscious but it's okay


Yo, yeah, yo, yeah, yo
Yeah, yo, yo Buck change some of that

Look up in the sky, not a bird, not a plane
Go underground, hear the sound of a train
Smog in the sky, in your eye like a haze
We came a long way from them '94 days
Crime don't all pay, not in all ways
So I spit live rhymes and five 'em always
The snakes can't phase, I got 'em by the neck
We was raised to get paid and get respect
Brooklyn, Flatbush, Church Avenue
In '77 we did what we had to do
Cops runnin after you, the block'll bust a mac or two
CLACK-CLACK and it's through
Half you cats talkin 'bout gangsta
9th Wonder and Buckshot be laughin at you
I be tellin them don't laugh, but it's too funny
Ha ha, yo Buck let's just get this money


[Melanie Fiona]
Yo it's the past.. the present.. the future
Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, ooooooooooooh
Yo it's the past, the present, the future