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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot 
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   Survival Skills
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{DJ Revolution cuts and scratches}
"Microphones are not for these emcees who don't have no" 
"Survival!" "SKILLS!"

[Chorus 2X: Buckshot]
See what I've been through, see what I go through
If I don't look at you, it's 'cause I don't know you
Know where to go to, know where to hide
What does it take, nowadays to survive

[KRS-One - Verse 1ne]
Small-time rappers aren't as dope as us
When you hear rappers in the club, you hope it's us
Back in the days, they used to smoke the dust
But cats kept jumpin off the roof too much
So today we don't abuse the Dutch
We use our minds to write rhymes that you can touch
My feet stay planted on the ground
You want that soft pop shit, you better book another sound
We gets down, I know the streets
Y'all rappers got maps out, lookin all around
Huh! Y'all want the crown, but why should I battle you
if next week they're gonna put you in the ground?
That's a waste of time; I'd rather blaze a rhyme
on someone tryin to raise they mind
Bucktown, USA (BUCK-TOOOOOWN!) - Boogie Down connect
Yo Buck, what the fuck they gon' say?

[Buckshot - Verse 2wo]
Who cares!
They want that pop shit, that soft hip-hop shit
That KRS and Buck +not+ shit - BOOOY!
Beats bangin on your door like rent time
I invent the rhyme that was meant for your mind - ORRRRR
I get physical, I mean physi-kal
I might lean with a smile and kill you in style
Wow! I am just the smartest MC
I am known as what you call an artist MC
See, part of me be like "Pardon me"
The other half be like, "Motherfuck manners! Bust the hammer"
Damn I, feel like a mattress the way they keep sleepin on me
They don't see I'm the craftmatic
Huh, I spread everywhere, led everywhere
Shot ricochet and bounce back lookin heavy, yeah!
And my deadly year, lick machete, yeah
You like professin, but you failin on your test this year


{"Survival!" + "SKILLS!" cuts and scratches by DJ Revolution}

[Buckshot - Outro] (KRS)
Funkmaster Flex, he down wit us (Heh!)
DJ Premier, he down wit us (WADDUP PRIMO?!)
My man Tony Touch, he down wit us (TONY TOCA!!!)
DJ Green Latern, he down wit us
All the Heavy Hitters, they down wit us 
DJ Mister Cee, ho down it us
Yep, DJ Evil Dee, he down wit us
and DJ Kenny Parker, down wit us
Makin funky music is a must
Makin funky music is a must
I'm number ONE!!!!!