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Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot f/ K'naan
Album:  Survival Skills
Song:   Think of All the Things
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[Intro: K'naan]
Think of {*4X*}
Think about it man
I mean niggaz do a lot of stupid shit but uhh
This has gotta be one of the stupidest, y'know?
Real talk, man listen

Uhh, yeah, uhh, yeah
I ain't make music to get filthy rich
I wrote rhymes cause I got shit to fix
Climbin on the ladder buildin brick to brick
Finally gettin paid for what I did for kicks
So now I'm on the road, two kids at home
Popularity got me losin clarity
And sometimes I'm feelin guilty sick
Between my wife and I, there's a hyphen, I
sometimes feel like there's a knife in line
Ready to cut off our last lifeline
And who's to blame? It's never easy of course
But I'm the only one bringin up the divorce
If loves fails, what do you do to prevail?
Would you drink heaven if it was brewed in hell?
Cause my relationship don't work
But if you got kids then the road don't fork

[Chorus: K'naan]
Raps turn tables in the box that booms
Your little one's sittin alone in the room
"When you comin home Dad?" I don't know when
Cause Dad's hangin with his friennnnnnds
You know we'll have a good time whennnnnn
Dad stops hangin with his friennnnnnds

Let me ask you a question nigga..
How you got a seed that you never go check?
But got enough cheese to get up in the coat check
Up in the club like "Yeah nigga, yeah!"
But your seed's in the crib like "Where's my gear?"
Yeah, only gear you know
is the third gear on the train when you get with a hoe
Yo, bro you dipped from head to toe
But your kids got fucked up clothes and snotty noses
Hoes is, not important when it comes to your little ones
Your daughter or your son, dumb-dumb
Tell 'em son


Daycare, child care, tuition, fly gear
It's all good but it means nothin if you're not there
But the cops there, the crack rock's there
"And where's my dad?" Not there!
Now stop there, let me talk to the daughters
When moms is corrupted, you know the whole family's out of order
Daughter, I don't think you should order the fire water
Think higher daughter, drink water
Seek order, speak shorter, delete repeat callers
Stop sleepin with players and ballers, stand taller
There's a lot of young boys, but only one real man for ya
One man on ya, have only one man call ya
You could roll your eyes if you wanna
But all that flirtin and short skirt-in leads to hurtin for certain!
Real men are out there workin, and they not impressed with you
You keep seekin little boys who only want sex from you
Real men want the rest of you, real men walk next to you
But is a real man a check to you?
When a real man is in your house
Whether lover or spouse, are you runnin him out?
Are you comin with doubt?
Are you all up in a real man's face, yellin, comin to shout?
When the lovin is out, well, so is the man
You know what's up but your kid won't understand
He'll say, "When y'all broke up was I really part of the plan?" {*echoes*}

[Chorus] - sung by KRS