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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Sneak Attack
Song:   Attendance
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Who was the first to flash the heat on the cover?
Who was the first crew to go against another?
Who was the first to go acapella on a video replay?
Who was the first to lose a DJ?
Who was the first to teach at Yale?
Who was the first to hit that hip-hop reggae, on the nail?
Who was the first to say +Stop the Violence+
and teach that real bad boys move in silence?
You're soon to see the mindbendin rhyme weapon
Get more busy than two-two-three-double-nine-seven
All these rappers, swear they the best
I know whatchu thinkin about, "Where's KRS?"
Eighty percent of these rappers fake they {shit}
The other twenty percent they goin upstate and {shit}
There's no way out except knowledge and wisdom
I got it so I spit 'em you ain't got it you gotta get 'em
Who was the first to produce mix and write
at the same time up in the club rockin the mic?
Who was the first to have a DJ and a side man?
The first to say what is hip-hop?  "I AM!"
Who was the first to produce gangster {shit}?
Put out, gangster hits with a gangster click?
Not no prankster {shit}, Steady B, Mad Lion
Just-Ice, Shabba Ranks and {shit}
My Channel is Live, my only battle is Jive
MC to MC, you won't survive
You'll be censored cause my Crew is 2 Live
I ascend like Christ and watch you die

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Breakers (HERE!) MC's (HERE!)
Writers (HERE!) Beat-boxers (HERE!)
DJ's (HERE!) Hip-Hop (HERE!)

I'm like Noah, I'm takin 'em, two by two
I took, them and them and I'll take, you and you
Be I'm right or be I'm wrong
You'll see I'm tight with this mic, you should be like, "B I'm gone"
But you still in my face Neo, I'm not your girl
All that ice and thug life, that's not my world
I'm the teacher, but you still can't see
cause while you respect Tupac, Tupac respected me
Another thing; don't ever show me another ring
Remember you Rudy Ray Moore, I'm Martin Luther King
Everything you bring sounds horrendous
You need repentance, 'fore I take attendance


{*KRS-One hums a melody for a bit*}