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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Sneak Attack
Song:   The Mind
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus One 2X: KRS-One]
First thing we must do is make up our - MIND
Then we must go and really clear our - MIND
Erase the doubt and the fear from our - MIND
Share our - MIND, speak our - MIND

Stand up brother, stand up sister
I told y'all before, love is gonna get'cha
Lovin that money, lovin that liquor
Lovin that sex without respect you gets no bigger
I ain't got time to chill, only got time to build
You find that in those with skills
This a real MC, of the highest degree
With no video, my show they dyin to see
Not whether I'm buyin 'em three
When you watch television just keep sayin they lyin to me
Cause they are - how long you gonna stay at the bar?
I'm not desperate for money, maybe you are, but listen

[Chorus Two 2X: KRS-One]
First thing we gon' do is make up our - MIND
Then we gon' go, and we gon' clear our - MIND
Erase the doubt and the fear from our - MIND
Share our - MIND, speak our - MIND

Don't you think it's time we thought about the future?
Whether our children they gonna be winners or losers?
Don't you think it's time to advance the rhyme we spit?
Whether you know it or not, you deep in politics
All inside of it, in fact YOU the issue
Don't let this government diss you!
They really do not want you to vote
They really do not want you to hope
They really want you sniffin they coke
You look around yo we missin the boat
I coulda wrote about ANYTHING to get on, but this what I wrote
And what I'm writin, is guaranteed to enlighten
Like Dr. Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson
This is how we do it today, enough of the crime talk
KRS got somethin new to say
Rise up, and put aside childish things
This is the message we bring; listen

[Chorus Two]

Last verse, KRS, blast first
Ignorance is bad, but temptation that's worse
They hide they purse, cause of the way we spit the verse
No one ever told 'em that the style's rehearsed
And even if they did, it wouldn't be new to they mind
Cause all day rappers confess to doin these crimes
So when the cops see you, they're not thinkin about me
They thinkin about takin you out of society
Keep it right, don't lie to me
You think it's too much preachin teachin?
Huh, well fine, we'll see
When you're locked up in J.D.C., or even prison
The truth shall set you free, just listen
You want health, and really that's about prevention
You want love, real love, and not depression
You want awareness, which come from discipline and will
You want wealth, which come from skills
When you really ready to talk, let's build
You ain't gotta be a scholar to know the next 4 years gonna be ill
I believe you already know the drill, don't lie
don't steal, seek peace and don't kill

[Chorus One]