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Artist: KRS-One
Album:  The Sneak Attack
Song:   Why
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[KRS-One] Class in session. What, is, democracy?
[student] Yo it's the rule of the people.  The self rule.
[student] It's what the people want!
[K] That's right. But is this a democracy?
[s] Nah, democracy is a goal to be attained.
[K] That's right. The character of the people should be reflected
[K] in the laws and the institution of the state.
[s] Psssh, I don't see my character reflected!
[K] Tell me

[Chorus One: KRS-One]
WHY, are all the schools they fallin apart
and WHY, the youth not takin no musical art
and WHY, the professionals really don't know where to start
No, one, really, cares, about
WHY, the people ain't trustin the law and the order
and WHY, the hookers from 70's look like our daughters
and WHY, the radio station they help with the slaughter
No, one, really, cares, about

The mind, they usin until it's time they doin a rhyme
will ruin what you doin if you crime pursuin
Let me tell you bout gettin your family out the mean ghetto
to green meadows, where you can finally be settled
That street level, freak level, pullin out heat level
Eatin meat level, deceit level, that's that beast level
You gotta stand upright in a house with three levels
Where you don't even see devils unless he shovels the snow
Many philosophers live on the low
Never crazy hazy or lazy we get up and go
Whaddya know, I'm always teaching after the show
Not messin with hoes, I'm with my wife, changin my clothes
Blowin my nose, deliverin blows to foes
with new flows; then disappear where nobody knows
Cause I got too many questions, too many lessons
I gotta go, too many people stressin but I gotta know

[Chorus Two: KRS-One]
WHY, these officers gunnin us down on our block
and WHY, the President never steps in on these cops
and WHY, the mayor don't even look like he in shock
No, one, really, cares, about
WHY, the call of the poor is always ignored
and WHY, the senators governors breakin the law
and WHY, they taxin and taxin and taxin the poor
No, one, really, cares, about

You, me, or themselves you can tell, they livin in hell
But they come on the TV lookin so swell
Sellin you dreams of schemes of you gettin green and cream
But they never explain the work and all it means
You got to visualize, close the lid on your eyes
and visualize, minimize lies
See yourself bigger in size, quicker to rise up
wise up climb up, before your time's up but

[Chorus One]

[s] The votes
[K] That's right
[s] The politics
[K] That's right
[s] The government you know!
[K] Uh-huh, people basically have the government they want
[s] If people felt dissed, they'd be out rebellin right now