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Artist: Kurt Victer
Album:  Welcome to Phenomena !
Song:   Hope
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a.. Press record for the record
b.. Double check it for the ministers method
c.. Bound to make you budge head nudge take a plunge
d.. Youth missionary stimulation leave you stunned
e.. Mocking the doctrine goods stock in
f.. Catch the new sound wave lock in
g.. Kurt at work surround your town
h.. Local vocal echo global all around
i.. Speak in unique technique is the speaker
j.. Speak in to the beat is the speaker speak
k.. Beaten up the beat that wont be beat
l.. Beaten the heatin in greetin every sound meetin
m.. Styles like rainbow push pushin
n.. Peers be like youth minister you on a mission
o.. By any means necessary have you just like Jim Carrey
p.. Put your hands up everybody be merry
q.. Very hopeful is the first priority
r.. Distribute this tribute to resurrection seniority

a.. Strive for perfection
b.. Let me make this correction of my radio station selection
c.. Next in your section missionary vocabulary Kurt surround
d.. Move into your town just like a greyhound
e.. With a little help from my friends you get these new type minister trends
f.. Rollin roller renaissance rollin
g.. Tight to death yo engineer equalize the drums in perfect balance
h.. Now its good news in such perilous times cause of the rhymes
i.. Youth ministers missionary enemy #1
j.. One One One One One
k.. Times require work for salvation
l.. Spreadin monumental, detrimental, essential announcement to the nation
m.. Erase all rumor erase all scandal
n.. Youth mission minister blow it out like a candle
o.. The minister don't joke the minister don't jive
p.. Speech that reach each hood live
q.. Check the archive broadcast live
r.. Missionary TV poise yourself to what's going on
s.. Jamlando to island of the strong sing along

a.. Catch the shock wave air wave radio wave
b.. KMC surround names Kurt surround K.U.R.T surroundMC
c.. K at workKurt put it to work surround
d.. Seize the moment hit you de ja vu sound
e.. Lookin at the world the way of the world
f.. Join in hope that's joined by the world
g.. That's the way of the world as the world turns
h.. World presently still turning
i.. Call us columbus that make you discover now your learning
j.. Youth Mission comes in audio, live in person and video
k.. Ain't no mission impossible
l.. Missionary work that stay incredible
m.. Put God first and your joy will last
n.. Living kinda good cause we got a strong connect
o.. Time in time out whisper to a shout
p.. That's what connections is all about
q.. Keep on Keep on Keep on Keep on Keep on Keep on Keep on
r.. Keepin On