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Artist: Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone f/ Thin C
Album:  Bone Brothers III
Song:   If You Wanna Get Paid
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[Intro: Layzie] + (Bizzy)
(Little words in poetry) Yeah (yeah, yeah)
Yeah (c'mon, c'mon, c'mon)
Keep your eyes on your prize young man
Real niggaz do real thangs at all times (real niggaz do real thangs)
1-2-3-4 count it out nigga (buck buck!)

[Layzie Bone]
Seventh letter of the alphabet, I think that classify me very well
I'm a G graduatin to O.G. nigga, my soldier stories no fairy tales
They call me Geraldo when I'm reportin up on these streets
First I +Witness+ it like Jehovah, then I call it just how I see it
Give me the power, give me respect, give me my money and give me my space
I keep it business and never get personal, niggaz be smilin all up in my face
Wastin my motherfuckin time commentin on another niggaz dimes
While my rhymes be full of lines about these fake-ass niggaz that's lyin
+I'm Tryin+ and tryin to cope with it, ask the homie Akon
Niggaz is +Locked Up+ and +Konvicted+, makin it hard for Lay' to stay calm
And I drop like napalm, me, my body be blazin
Half man and I'm half amazin, nigga a nation is what we raisin
Better thank God and praise Him, we livin in Revelations
Get it while you can, keep elevatin while these talkin niggaz is just hesitatin
I do it the best I can, and I don't play no games
Dawg I love my music, and I don't do it for fame

[Chorus 4X: Thin C] + (Layzie)
If you wanna get paaaaaid
(Damn! They thought this was about, bein famous)
You gotta bust yo' ass
(Damn! They thought this was about, bein famous)

[Bizzy Bone]
Brrrrah! Nothin is comin for free...
Nothin is comin for free, you gotta work to get what you need
I hustle my words in poetry, Jesus, mission complete
Can I explain to you with simplicity my reason in chance?
Just to dance with a child that I was born with simply
Soon as the mockeries be done and we'll take the punishment trance
Remember that, Jesus Jesus, we servants and we are lambs
The champions of France and Italy, Timothy faithful
So is Michael the archangel, plus Kane, and plus Abel
Out in the streets with a burner, L-Diamond, Clark Gabel
Casablanca, Lil' Layzie in a Maybach or a Sable
To save your look for souls and spirits just to receive
No worries, no pain - no outfits mayne
We Bone Brothers, forever young, just trust and believe
{?} chain gang baby, Grim Reaper not Steve
My E.I.'s just a friend, much more for me to retrieve
Baby boy is well, no hell, know I should leave


[Layzie Bone]
Mobbin in the hood, biatch, vote for me! (BUCK BUCK BUCK BUCK!)

No question mayne, in the guessin game
Motherfuckers feelin less than pain
I'm feelin extra mayne cause I'm the next to bang
I'm about a dollar nigga fuck the fame (woo!)
I'ma ride with the rich and I'ma share with the poor
I ain't the one that's really robbin the hood
Ronald Reagan was the one that put drugs to war
America really put dope in the hood

[Bizzy Bone]
I sit in the corner on the brink of this water, shells and mortar
Never bring mortal through the portal with my submission and torture
Glory, listen to the Creator, ask for permission to work her
Slap the knees, at the eagle is present, present my order

[Layzie Bone]
When it get drastic nigga I'm smashin mashin
Bullets run straight lines so I'm ziggin-zaggin
Protected by the Father, no need for braggin
while these haters still laugh they gon' breathe the dragon
I don't need no wagon, got my own damn band
We thuggin, we blended with harmony
Y'all playin with a real-ass man
Ain't nann nigga hard as me, c'mon

[Bizzy Bone]
I said we don't fly in different bodies but we bless those, know 'em
I said especially with the homeless and the song is cleanin the potions
Singin emotion, keep it flowin, Lil' Lay' keep goin
They not really knowin but we know when even granny given closure


[Thin C] Bust yo' ass
[Layzie] Damn! They thought this was about, bein famous {*4X*}
[Thin C] If you wanna get paaaaaid, you gotta bust yo' ass {*2X*}
[Thin C] Bust yo' ass