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Artist: Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone
Album:  Bone Brothers IV
Song:   Fuck Em
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[Chorus 2X: Layzie] + (Bizzy)
Fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuck 'em
(Check how we buck 'em, buck 'em, buck 'em, buck 'em, buck 'em)
Hey, hey, hey young world

[Layzie Bone]
When I wanna get away from my everyday life
I just put down my bottles and pick up the mic
I'm a soldier with stripes and I do what I like
I go straight to the real and don't deal with the hype
Too much drama already, while I stay ready
I'm down for my business, ain't gotta get ready
My lyrics is deadly, time heated heavy
My brains is my weapon that's settin us free
When it come from the heart dawg
no wonder Lil' Lay outsmart y'all
With a core by my side I'll be forced to ride
Lyrically dearly depart y'all
Been rappin since the early '80s
Have the soul of my bone, I'm a '70s baby
If it wasn't for the music I'd probably go crazy
Prayed to the Lord, look what He gave me
Streets is shady, music raised me
in the hood while I planted my seeds at
I'm that, paper chaser believe that
Like a rat I'ma be where the cheese at, need that
Freeze that, nigga bring the beat back jack!
I'ma fiend for the mic, as well as the green leaves
Burn up the trees, burn up the stage
Let the music take control-trol-trol {*4X*}


[Bizzy Bone]
I said it was written, stick on the mission, milk cartons, I beg your pardon baby
I'm a street walker, stalker, in the night still stalkin
Harken to the angels and my motherfuckin boys
Your choice, my choice, Rolls Royce, no noise
Run up and they wanna ride, just like I told ya
Burn my face with a torch, I'm scorched but never sold ya out
The force'll be with you baby like a lantern
Say I'm nuts like Planters, God defend you
And I'm up, we the coldest in this battlefield, soldiers at minimum
Here we go, here we go, yes we sendin 'em
Mendin 'em the hospital nigga sleep sleep
I say they weep when we weep, kick Layzie in the cheek
Lil' Lay, you know we don't cheapen the sound
We down, they down, and if you up, these motherfuckers can't clown
We gon' stand for somethin and we won't fall for anything
Try Lil' Layzie and Bizzy, kiss this pinky ring!


[Layzie Bone]
Gotta keep my pistols locked and loaded, and I'm classic like a throwback
Livin legends in yo' presence, y'all motherfuckers y'all know that
I be down for mines on anythang, your boy Lil' Lay got plenty change
that adjust the game, make plenty changes {that mighta hit 'em in ranges}
You niggaz is strangers I hit from a angle
Like Biggie Smalls I'm armed and dangerous
Pushin is dead, really them gangstas, don't even say thank ya - fuck 'em

[Bizzy Bone]
I can't remember bein outcasted in December
Loc'd out, posted at crack spots, wicked big spenders
I know that they wish for me to perish
Cause I dropped out of high school with a chase on them jewels with no credits
Flippin burgers, I just can't see it
I'ma face mo' green with a triple beam in one night, no secret