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Artist: Lost Secret f/ Allah Real
Album:  Queens Hall of Science
Song:   Here We Go Again
Typed by: Lost Secret, Cno Evil

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
Everybody think they know the truth
Making crazy claims but never having any real proof
This the third planet from the solar
My dawg joined a cult, doc telling me he's bipolar
AL 6006, they still in darkness
Rappers making more and more cream, they still sparkless
I can't feel you, you can't see me
Regardless, I'm the blade of grass cracking up ya muthafuckin' sidewalk
Behold, how good and how pleasant
Melchizedek showing you scenes like the Ghost of Christmas Present
Youse a liar, you ain't controlling shit, we all broke
I represent New York, home of the 9/11 asbestos smoke
My little brother on the corner watched our pillars fall down
And like so many others heard and felt a loud explosive sound
This is my father's world and to my listening ears
Lost Secret sings the music of the spheres

[Chorus 2X: Allah Real]
Now here we go again
It doesn't mater if you're a friend
Stand strong and don't bend
The world is coming to an end
These wounds don't mend
It only turns boys into men
Now here we go again

[Archangel Metatron]
I and I, means you and I, are eye to eye
But some eyes are blind, confined
Within the walls of the color that they skin, shine
Thin line, between those who spit facts, and those who been lying
I been trying, to over-stand
But I think history got us locked in it's future plans
So we shoot, stab, loot, grab
Righteousness is banned as a law of the land
Damn, humanity is such a beautiful race
But we dying over God, greed and the features on our face
Wait, do I control destiny or does destiny control my fate
Because when those towers fell, I almost lost my father
It's like life is written by some mysterious author
But na, na, I gotta grab a hold of it
I'm the master of my Temple, have to have control of it
So don't ya'll dare knock me off my orbit
Ya'll get run down, fucking with Caution
The world is all ours, so that means the world is mine
I'm trying to make shit right in the wrong place and the wrong time