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Artist: Lost Secret
Album:  Queens Hall of Science
Song:   Lost Secret
Typed by: Lost Secret, Cno Evil

[Intro: Archangel Metatron (G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, kill you, yeah, yeah
(Attention all you dumb thugs)

[Archangel Metatron]
I'm the now, forever and never, simultaneous terror
Stay infidels like King Nebuchadnezzar
Light Bearer, this mic's my torch, bright, of course
Pierce triple darkness, I cripple starships, holding walls like arches
Moth-man prophet, unidentified flying object
Ride comets, defy logic, enter souls with the speed of fiber optics
Who can stop this? And fuck a reason, it's just for props, bitch
So over-stand, you part of my master plan
In my hands you all about to drip down time's sand
I span the ages but nothing changes, stay pathetic
Guard your shrine, cause I'ma jack your temple for it's relics
From crucifixesto that false idol's compact disc you listen
It's all in the mix to fuel the fiction stupid bitches
The ominous, stab you with an Obelisk
Soundwaves collide your thoughts like clashing oxen, bitch

[Chorus 4X: samples]
"Lost Secret"
	"Illuminati, trace the chalk around your body" - G-Clef Da Mad Komposa
"I ain't hearing anymore weird sounds in the ear" - Ol' Dirty Bastard

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
I center my thoughts with firey aim
Manipulate the sun, spit comets
While you emit vomic and fantasies
In the valley of the shadow of the great dumb thugs
I represent the sun disc, metaphysical physician
Tone scientist, tetragrammaton cymbalist
We play survivor on the planets
While you sell drugs and shoot rappers
You niggas is fucking cornballs
Joe Aton I packed my ship for the long haul
When we get mad we throwin moons at your spaceball
I rhyme to your spirit to improve ya offspring
Stand back and out of harm's way when the templar sword swing
Bling bling, that's the sound of the idolator
Boom boom, that be da Clef kick in ya monitor
Rappers wanna test the Clef but yo, you know the outcome
They get stung by the venom, operation idiot
I feel like throwing hi-hats at ya throat
Then harass your fans and shit on everything you ever wrote

[Chorus 4X]

[Archangel Metatron] (G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)
Welcome to Metatron's Rubix Cube
(Ayo, you can't square your actions with Mr. Protractor)
I throw you off course like a compass at the North Pole
(You all fold) To the pressure when I wave my sceptre
(Abrhahadabra, now you DOA)
And I'm a crush ya soul like I'm eating Frito Lays
(Turn the page, now ya murdered by Enoch Light)
Now turn it back, it's Metatron dressed in pitch black
(Archangel please, that light is really blinding me)
I forgot ya so stupid, why you keep reminding me
(Uhhh we interrupt ya session) I'll kill ya engineer
(Decapitate ya rappers) while I influence ya sphere

[Chorus 4X]