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Artist: Lost Secret f/ B.'.Yakin Allah
Album:  Queens Hall of Science
Song:   Wild Wild East
Typed by: Lost Secret, Cno Evil

[Intro: B.'.Yakin Allah]
We are those practitioners of that transformative art
We are those graduates of the mystery schools from the beginning of time
We are descendants of the ancient Magi themselves
We are the guardians of the Lost Secret
And now, as the sun reaches it's meridian
We dedicate this cornerstone, in the laying of a new foundation
By the square, the compasses, and under the watchful protection of
that all seeing eye

[Archangel Metatron]
Introducing the most vanglorious, paragraphs notorious
For stories with, Metaphysical Metaphors Metatron Metamorphose
From mortal corpse walking to crossing immortal portals
Shitting on your written morals
Call me divine justice, spit rhymes you can't fuck wit
I build and destroy with a tongue that's instructive
Illustrious, illusions eluding your evolution
I shine a light that's bright cause liars find the truth confusing
Perplexing, I'm never resting in my search for Jacob's Ladder
Fuck stones and mortar, I use the elements of Anti-Matter
For this house not built with hands
Order out of chaos is my duty as a man
Fuck your television to fill your life's void
In between the channels hear me whisper through the white noise
Your ego's gettin' old quick
Compared to all there's ever been your entire life's a fucking nose pick

[Chorus 2X: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa (Archangel Metatron)]
From the wild wild west, yippee yo, all my brothers
To the wild wild south, yippee yo, yippee yay
To the wild wild east, all my brothers, all my brothers
Giddy up (giddy up) giddy up (giddy giddy up)

[Archangel Metatron]
I laugh at half ass'd shit, you can't match this
These rhymes smashing axes, fuck an average ass kick
151 mixed with Aspirin, attack wit irrational fractions
I roll with Templars and Assassins...
From the ashes of ignorance, to the flight of the Phoenix
I'm righteous, yet fiendish, I'm the facts behind all you believe in
The truth you thought was deceiving
The light that engulfs your soul when your corpse will stop breathing
Of course I'm the reason, I big banged the fucking Garden of Eden
I chose this path, my heart is the reason
The call me Caution, cause evil forces circle my orbit
They talk shit, because my light ain't seen within the darkness
So forfeit, I'll get martyred, before I sell out
So get the hell out, don't understand? Then let me spell out
Y'all ain't F-U-C-K'ing with me
Hip Hop is mine, watch me put it back where it's supposed to be


[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
I be the circumnambulator funky transmutator
Hermetic cabalist for the neo couch potata
Lesson inculcator mystic rhyme creator
Godbody debator for the Freemasonic hater
George Bush never went to my lodge, you gots ta be kidding
If not do the knowledge to what I'm spitting
Sons of light, we fight the good fight
Sending evil emcees scatterin' thru the night
I'm a veteran that can bring you to ya knees
The toxic antidote to all you cheese emcees
And when you see me in the club please don't even speak
Cuz I got a job to do not be an alcoholic freak
I live a chaste life drug free my apron's clean
Troopin' thru the streets with essenes who make scenes
You Roman soldiers cannot fade the Nazorean
No I'm not a drug dealer, but my 'team' be 'supreme'

[Chorus 2X]