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Artist: La the Darkman f/ Carlton Fisk, June Luva, Method Man, Streetlife
Album:  Return of the Darkman
Song:   Safe Box
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Method Man]
Yeah... (oh my god-god *repeated throughout*)
Staten Island niggas, forgotten borough, the most thorough
Oh shit, haha, the tri-boro, hahahaha
Fuckas... yeah... come again, what?
It's M-E-F, bitches, say it with the Meth, niggas

[Method Man]
When I'm on the come up, ain't no telling who gon' get done up
On the highway to heaven, with they thumb up
I'm far from a dumb fuck, I'm a mack
Just like them dumptrunks, I hold alotta weight on my back
See I'm, already pumped up, I'm ready to shine
It's Mr., cover of Blender, who ready to grind?
And I still got it, I repeat, I still got it
And any artist that trash talk, is still garbage
How critics gon' think I lost my skill
When in fact, ya'll all been programmed and lost your feel
Please believe, I'm still grimey, try me
And I remind ya'll muthafuckas why Def Jam signed me
M-E to the Tizzy, H-O to the Dizzy
To see me, it's something like pimpin', it ain't easy
It's something like pimpin', it ain't easy
To see me, it's something like pimpin', it ain't easy

[La the Darkman]
Yo, I stash money like a crooked banker, casablanca
Ninety-six, crack cranker, back shot, ass spanker
Get head, then I thank her, for blessin' the God
Pull a blunt hard, for my jail niggas on the yard
Think like Master Farrad, die hard, La's God
I need currency, cash, eagles in the credit card
Co-starred in cocaine, like, couldn't get my brain right
Robbin' niggas smokin' and fuckin', in the same night
Jumpin' on the train, like, talkin' how we did it, kid
And my niggas caught a body, then me and my niggas slid
Blue coats came, we hid, inside a pyramid
Unseen, as a real Egyptian king
Asiatic, doing mathematics, guns is my bad habit
Try'nna civilize a savage, rest on, every sabit
LaSon, like my coke white as a unicorn
Word is bond, everyday got a new uniform
I want it all, never fall, fuck that, forever war
I need a mansion and my closet gotta look like a mall
It's Darkman

[Chorus 2X: Method Man (Streetlife)]
It's a new day, new way, new rules, new school
New pay, new cake, new crew, new fools
Fuckin' with my safe box (all you niggas get shot)
Fuckin' with my safe box (all you niggas get shot)

I got the drop on you, don't flinch
Pop niggas like John Lynch, leave niggas in they own stench
I'm a light drinker, heavy smoker
Known for duckin' show promoters
Pass the money, over, my whole crew is ex-cons
Be alarmed, when you hear the *err-urrrrr*
It's on, Silverback niggas under the stairs
When we link up, we travel in pairs
Ya'll niggas best to beware, of the most thoroughest
Cover all aspects, four corners, you can't creep up on us
I'm takin' one for the team, deal me in
And when the smoke clear, do it again
This ain't a side show, you could die slow
There's no I in team, we all ride... yo!
The master of the ceremony, this is my testament
Homicide Housing, that's what I represent

[Carlton Fisk]
Don't get it fucked up, drapped, that'll extra grind
When I pop up with silencers, you next in line
Swift with a nine, in conflict, prefer four-five
And we Loose Linx, can't control these Animalz of mine, now
Staten Island's back on the map, while the P.L.O. fugitive's back
Using the fact, drama in these streets you gon' see it and get used to the clap
Blockbuster movie picture, doggy, preview that
Carlton Fisk flow in a Lex, gorilla Homicide Housing
Came to collect, know the sounds, just a pain in the neck


[June Luva]
Listen young'n, I'm an O.G., see I done mastered the flow
With creeping up slow, so chill 'fore I blow three
At your windshield, come on, dog, you know me
I raised you from a young pup, I taught you how to show teeth
And growl on a nigga, style on a nigga
One minute you so cool, then foul to a nigga
Ya'll suckas is pre-schoolers, a child to a nigga
I'm the resurrection of rap, now bow to a nigga
A little old me from Staten Island's gonna get cha
And I pack a big gun, and it weighs a grip of ton
So front like you the M.C., ain't no defeating me
I set up shop on your block and plots off strategically
Maybe it's the weed in me, nah a bottle of Henny
Quick to run up on your ass and follow with semi', muthafucka

[Chorus 2X]