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Artist: La the Darkman f/ Method Man, RZA
Album:  Return of the Darkman
Song:   This Thing
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Method Man]
Do you see these bags under my fuckin' eyes!?
Geez! That's all I ever wanted was, uh huh, uh huh, yeah yeah, thing thing
That's all I ever really wanted was, thing thing

[Method Man]
There I go, rushin' the dough, puffin' the 'dro
I get low, with nothin' to show, like cuttin' the blow
Y'all niggas know, the Clan in effect, the man on your left
Is M-E-F, I'm cashin' a check to snappin' a neck
My M.O., is stabbin' the third, Staten, you heard!
With P.O., pluckin' your nerves, who fuckin' you bird?
When you ain't, stickin' the stink, I'm thinkin' I'll thank my critics
Booger they drinks and sugar they tanks, who is it?
Back in this bent, with rappin' and shit, it's Bobby
Attached to his hip, like ratchet to clip, it's Johnny
From tappin' my herb, to tappin' your chin, for dough
Don't shorten my word, or shorten them ends, for sure (yo, yo)

I blitz the mic once I hear hype, the left tackler
Tackle a track like a hundred Lewis linebackers
Ninja rapper, lyric Eagle Claw Grappler
Blow the fuse off a thousand watt black after
Amplifier, cramp the liar, stamp the champ
Revamp the camp, blow your lamp fire
Fifty shots in the sky, for the Dig-I
T-A-L, you swine inside the pigsty
Spend the will of Dhama, face your Karma
In pursuit like the F1 bomber, huntin' down Osama
From my hood I know A Few Good Men of Honor
Hearts cold, stack gold like Old Man Palmer
Port land, I Trailblaze to Portland
Oregon, to watch Rasheed Wallace score again
To get cocky off a glass of hassake
And rice and seaweed, bein' soaked in wasabi
Nostril flared up, eyes tearin', and I'm nearin'
The point of no return, bitch, I'll have your blood smearin'

[La the Darkman]
Yo, jumpin' out the Benz wagon, red Polo sweat saggin'
White tee, bandana, tan suade, Timbs draggin'
Fingers numb, from the thousand grams I finished baggin'
Coke on my hands, still smokin' dutches like a dragon
It's a M-E-T, H-O-D and, the L-A D-A-R-K Man
I'm the Duke, please bless me like Mike Krzyzewski
Two weak ass rappers beefin', don't impress me
My style's poise, W.E.B. Dubois
Spit stellar minature, that the world enjoys
To my Clan, I'm commited, Red Sea, ok, kid it
When I lead this toilet of a Earth, know I shitted