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Artist: LaLa f/ Diamonique (uncredited)
Album:  La La Land
Song:   Sad Girl (Remix)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

(Verse 1)
This is the story of a little sad girl
Who made something out of nothing in a sad world
Papi mowed lawns just enough to get by
"It's okay, my little mija," he would say when she would cry
Mami couldn't care, she was pregnant all the time
So mi' had to be a woman, she was only nine
Raising all her sisters, Hail Mary, she would pray
In and out of different schools, fighting every other day
And her home girls were busy having three or four babies
So WIC could pay the rent
But mija was different, the life they were living
This really ain't made no sense

Refrain: LaLa
Cause deep in the valley, they say there were pockets
At night, you should never go
But for mija, this was a place called home
Cause it's all that she's ever known (Sad girl)

Chorus: LaLa
Don't ever feel alone
I sing you this song (Sad girl)
I know these streets are mean
Hang on to your dreams (Sad girl)
Don't cry, just dry your eyes
Go on, live your life (Sad girl)
Don't worry, hold your head up high

(Verse 2)
Nothin' don't change, growin' up and being poor
Wonderin', if you'll ever be rich and seeing more than
Broken down cars in the yards of gang zones and
Broken shattered windows lookin' into broken homes
But mija was a rose, and she knew it from the start
And she had a voice, cause she was speakin' from the heart
She dropped out of school to make this music dream real
Through the corny girl groups and all the shady deals
It's hard to be a sad girl in a man's world
With a big booty and brains
I gotta stay strong, represent where I'm from
And be proud of my family name

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Chorus

[Rap Verse: Diamonique (LaLa in background)]
Gotta keep your faith up everyday, for them, it's hard to see
But I grew up like you, home girl, I'm knowin' how it be
I moved around in all the twenty cities out here in Cali
So I never been (???), stability in being happy
Mama always stayed brown
Daddy was locked down
I always felt sad inside, thank God, I'm not now
Life is a rollercoaster, live it and ride
Cause everybody got a story, there'll be more better times, don't cry
Let your spirit shine
Get your mind on the grind
Cause if I did it, you can too
Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay, starvin' for stardom cause the race is multiplyin'
Get, diein' to get it, becomin' civil, it's live or die
Surrounded by haters and instigators with greedy pockets
Stop at nothin' to see you fail, without an option
And this is how it really be
I was once a sad girl up in them streets (Sad girl)

Repeat Chorus

Sad girl
Don't ever feel alone
I sing you this song (Sad girl)
Just hold it up, mija
Go on and live your life