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Artist: Laquan
Album:  Notes of a Native Son
Song:   Puddin' Pie
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[ VERSE 1: Laquan ]
Dippin in the bowl, positions take place
Smile on my face shows a sign of great taste
Sound effects proceed to discharge
Drain my vein, my spoon is no longer large
So I rest, let it digest
Analyze again, then it opens up and let me in
So I cover up and take the lead
And when I'm done I pray I didn't plant a seed
Ooh, those cold feet
Headrush from the moment of heat
Dive in deep, the pace is set
The rest is rated x, but you know what happened next
Flesh connects, body parts sweat (why?)
I'm obsessed with puddin pie

We gotta get in, we gotta get in
Gotta get in within your skin

[ VERSE 2: Laquan ]
Make my approach with a kiss on her throat
I'm whispering love notes and brother, I hope
That I can convince her cause I wanna stick her
Thin and petite, I prefer to have her thicker
To say I can touch but not too much is frontin
She knows she wants the nut, so keep it comin
Non-cooperative puttin up a struggle
In less than five splash in the puddle
Skin to skin, both thighs I'm strokin
The door bell rings, our concentration is broken
It's a friend with a paralyzin shape
See-through laces, shoulda seen my face
Watery eyes, I almost cried, why?
I'm obsessed with the puddin pie


[ VERSE 3: Craig Parker ]
Puddin pie, my oh my
A splash and a clap as I commence to dive
I strive as I begin to drive
Thrive on thighs, thrust in overdrive
I gotta get in, the pressure is buildin up
You're kickin your feet up while my stroke is kept up
My spoon is flexed up, do not let up
Cause if you let up the s-e-x won't be kept up
You're sexually activated, mentally stimulated
The pie is penetrated, positions are situated
Bodies compressed
Emotions leave you undressed and now you're blessed
With a pleasure I descend
I done put in cause puddin's my friend
Smile on your face as your legs extend
I tried to ask why and tried to deny
But it's in my eyes, I'm obsessed with the puddin pie chicken and it's finger lickin

[ VERSE 4: Craig Parker ]
Puddin pie, sweet and sensuous
Smooth and subtle, that's essential, wish
You could smell, I can tell it'll blow your mind
The type of pie to eat you gotta have time
In it you win it, but out it you want it
Whenever you got it I know you wanna flaunt it
So give it here, no fear, give it a try
( ? ) this is the ultimate puddin pie's good for you
puts hair on your chest, hahaha
(Shut up! Shut up!)
Thank you very much
Oh wait, isn't there one more verse?
There is, ha?
So ah, at the count of 3, right?
Alright, here we go
1-2-3 hit it

[ VERSE 2: Laquan & (Craig Parker) ]
Yo [Name] what's up, I got a dame, what do you wanna do?
(Cool Q, ooh, let's do the choo-choo)
Yo, I'm with it, but I can't play kaboost
Cause I don't like it loose, plus I glued up the juice
(The juice, what are you talking about, she's sprung all over me?)
Alright smack see, back to reality
(Now calm down, there's enough to spread around)
Between me and you, I don't want to hold down
On her, OK? (I guess so, but yo
I have a question, is she good to go?)
Ha, filthy, filthy, filthy
Yo, that job is yours cause I feel guilty
(What's your problem, her knees are in the dirt)
I don't think it'll work (Well, look you're gettin hurt)
[ both ]
Stepped in a room with a spoon in a bowl
Packed the puddin up and then we took control
All young ladies, we'll steer your soul
The love we possess is worth more than gold
[ Craig Parker ]
Puddin pie
You're the reason why
You know what?
I stroke so slow
You don't wanna let me go
The puddin pie got you goin crazy
Puddin puddin pie
You're the reason why
Peace in the Nineties