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Artist: Lateef and Lyrics Born
Album:  Latyrx
Song:   The Muzappers Mix (Aim for the Flickering Flame/Rankin' #1)

LYRICS BORN: 1st Chorus: Aim for the flickering flame, / Day after day now
with the rigorous training, / Face the pain but with a discipline brain, /
Stay on point and you will see your little dreams / Became a big blaze, /
And you slayed the beast that tried to stray you away, / From the gracious
place that fed you peaceful plates, / I'm talking Chang, Jackson, Gomez and
Rosenthal, / While many are called but few are chosen y'all, / If not with
everybody then we gotta get with those involved. / Take charge, turn the
feeble resource into a heaping reward, divi it up in three parts: / Peace
and Love and Happiness, / If faced with love please acquiesce, / Reach out,
re-route the apprehension, / Let it free, let it seep when it sets in, /
Try again if it meets with rejection, / Love is the room and the heart is
the entrance. / 2nd Chorus: Aim for the flickering flame / Day after day
with the rigorous training, / Face the pain but with a disciplined brain, /
Stay on point and you will see your little life change. LATEEF: Chorus:
Well if you came in here to have fun / then you're dealing with the crew
that ranks #1 / listen chillin', if you came in here for the funk you want
illy / I'ma tell don't be no punk and that's for really / slap ya silly
with the baseline slumpin break ya back with a beat thats bumpin', in fact!
/ I got a little sumthin' for all of them wanna be macks thats frontin' /
that'll even get your girls body on the floor thumpin' / vertical humpin',
with the clothing crumpling bubblin' up in them sugar walls'll come
tumblin' down / when she hears the sound fill the space thunderin' ground
shakes when I take the stage rage rumbling / leavin' muthafuckas ponderin',
grumblin', to themselves -lost / tweakin' and geekin' tryin' to delve a
little deeper / head in the hold of a sleeper / thinkin' they could be or
defeat us but gettin' neither / look man whatcha need to do is be cool /
listen to the speaker, true act a fool but stay calm and collected don't
get rejected style aint neglected / change gets affected thusly: / is what
the best did, suckas get tested, and leave dejected / but self corrected,
is self respected, is self elected to lead the lecture / what self
expected, amongst conjecture, / you get ejected, if you let them catch ya
up but self inspected is self protected / so before they getcha ya best ta
check this, let me tell ya Chorus (x2)